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Britney and Christina Halftime show, would it work?

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On 9/28/2019 at 9:42 AM, gabrielflorin01 said:

It would be an interesting choice, but I'm not sure how they will fit in. I mean, Britney and Christina are very different performers nowadays, one captures your attention with the dancing, the other one catches your ears with the voice. It was cool at the 2003 VMAs, but in the 2020's it would be kinda sloppy in my opinion.

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what  "dancing"? neither of them does any of that.

sloppy indeed.

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  • Exhale+

No... And if there were any chances on making it work, I feel like it would end up being nothing but a nostalgia piece. 

Obviously Brit and Xtina are two very different performers. Britney has the stage presence and dancing, while Christina undoubtedly has the pipes. The whole performance would be picked apart by the public for Britney’s voice (that’s if she even ditches the lip syncing) and Christina’s attempt at dancing. Unfortunately, we all know that the media loves to bash on Brit and they would tear her apart more than Xtina. The whole idea would just be bad all around. 

If Britney ever gets to perform at the Super Bowl it should be as a solo act. Anything but would be insulting. The girl’s a pop music icon. 

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