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Britney and Christina Halftime show, would it work?


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It would be an interesting choice, but I'm not sure how they will fit in. I mean, Britney and Christina are very different performers nowadays, one captures your attention with the dancing, the other one catches your ears with the voice. It was cool at the 2003 VMAs, but in the 2020's it would be kinda sloppy in my opinion.

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Even if it is just a wild and far fetched dream, This is a great idea if Britney ever decides to return to a major stage like the Super Bowl. Having Christina there might take off the pressure of all eyes being on her. In general I think having somebody else there would be much more comfortable than just her. That way, if the dancing isn’t amazing that day, you still have Christina giving vocals to distract. This is all hypothetical of course, lol. 

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Britney performing at the superbowl or ever, when she's in such a bad conservatorship, is not even on my radar.

She needs to be free and decide what she wants to do. Would it be cool? Absolutely. They are both very different performers now, though. They would both have to bring it. Xtina during Stripped era was great and she danced. Britney would need to bring it like she use to (which I believe she could if she wasn't doped up on so many meds they force her to take)

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Mmh no. While I do respect Christina’s talent, it’s obvious that they don’t like each other and Britney doesn’t need that kind of negative energy in her life, especially after what she’s gone through all these years. She’s better of leaving the likes of Xtina and Justin Timberlake in the early 2000’s

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4 hours ago, warioaddams said:

So now that JLo and Shakira are doing the superbowl together. Do you think that Britney and Christina could do the same in the future. Both Queens of the 90's. I think would be amazing. What do you think?


Christina is not a queen . Britney should only appear with someone who plays in the same league. the rest of the world is not interested in the Super Bowl.

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Not really
I love Xtina but she is forgotten...
their rivalry will raise up some heads to watch but it still wouldnt be much big

Shakira and JLo a good pick because the Latin wave is pretty huge now and everyone is supporting latinas and pocs and etc...
+They are pretty good performers whose talent hasnt wayned where Xtina's voice is kinda strained sometimes and Britney isn't the best dance-wise anymore (both problems because of bad technique or a damaged leg)
And they still carry themselves for big stuff...like JLo is constantly doing something, she is one of the most hardworking women in the buisness
Shakira had been recently constantly doing the World Cup and etc and is the biggest rn in LatinAmerica
where Britney and Xtina are pretty lazy...both dont want to do more stuff and dont have a drive because of the "been there done that" mentality. (which I am not judging them here for that but it is true)

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I agree with @This pu$$y biteback in that Britney has more than enough material to do it on her own. And when she brings it, the performance skills too (bbma16). 
But for the purposes of OP’s original query, I don’t think a Britney x Christina halftime show would work because they are too different, musically speaking. Since ‘02, they’ve gone down different routes of their own pop music and both are talented. But Christina isn’t much of a dancer, a lot of her music isn’t the kind that gets you out of your seat and dancing, and I don’t think ballads belong at the SBHS (I love her new song for the Addams family though). So as a collaborative unit, they are too far apart to pull it off. Shakira and JLo have more commonalities in their music and dancing styles so I understand them co-headlining, as neither really has the generational hits to do it on their own (maybe JLo but I don’t like to give her that much credit).  



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Xtinas screeching isn’t suited for an outdoor arena. The acoustics at the super bowl are never good. She also doesn’t really have a cult following or catalog to pull off a performance like past performers. 


Britney could perform a bomb performance. Think billboard x10 but i don’t want her to. She won’t put in the effort needed to nail it and her cheap *** team would probably use leftover props from the baby one more time


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I mean it would work but I feel like both of them have enough show to do a 15 minute set and sharing time would kind of be bad for both of them. They both have to do a lot of work to do a good show because both arent exactly at their peak.

Also a lot of their music doesnt go together. You would have to leave out Back To Basics because it doesnt go well with anything Brintey did.

If I did a show I would do it like this (and I dont even really like it tbh)

  • Toxic (feat. Christina at the very end )
  • Baby - Genie - Crazy - Come On Over - Oops! - What A Girl Wants
  • Stronger - Fighter - My Prerogative
  • Lady Marmalade (feat. Britney) - Dirrty - I'm A Slave 4 U
  • Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Britney)  - Gimme More - Piece Of Me
  • Beautiful - Say Something (feat. Britney)
  • Keeps Gettin' Better - Hold It Against Me
  • Till The World Ends (feat. Christina)

I would have Britney open the show with Toxic and maybe have Christina come in during the high note, then mashup all of their super pop songs and then go over to "cooler" songs and then into **** songs.Lady Marmalade featuring Brintey makes sense imo and Say Something would fit her voice beautifully. Christina doesnt really have any electronic sounding hits but KGB did pretty well so I would use that and finish it with TTWE featuring Christina.

Christina would have to dance for a couple of months and get in better shape. She is vocally versatile and has no issue not overpowering singers when needed so that shouldnt be an issue. But she hasnt done much dancing since Burlesque sho she would need to get her *** into a dance studio



Britney would have to work on her ticks and nerves because thats her major issue. I wouldnt want either of them to sing live I would want pre recorded vocals that sound perfect. So at least she wouldnt have to work on that much




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