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Autobiography: What Would You Want From It?

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If Britney finally wrote her tell-all autobiography - what would you most like to hear about? 


My top picks would be:

- Her thoughts on Larry and why she sacked him more than once. And how she felt when he was forced upon her once again. "Having finally gotten rid of my tormentor, I found myself reunited with him. And this time - I knew there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Larry had always had 3 priorities: Larry, Larry and Larry. He reminds me of a CEO who goes into a good company, strips the assets, makes himself a tonne of money and then the company goes under and all the staff lose their jobs. But he's done well. So that's all that matters." 


- What happened with JT. "Justin had actually been given a BJ by a girl named Jenny in a club. Upset - I went straight into the arms of Wade. I then told Justin and we ended things amicably. When his solo career had a floppy launch and people mocked him for being an MJ tribute act - he decided to use a lookalike of me in his Cry Me A River video. It became a hit. Sadly, he had to play the victim in order to be successful. I'm so glad my career was built on hard work and passion. His was built on lies and deception." 


- What happened with her dancing. "I was told by doctors that any difficult choreography routines could end my chances of ever dancing again. As someone who loves dancing and used to thrive on challenging routines - that killed me inside. When I started performing again in 2008 - I felt like I was in a straitjacket. People were criticising me for not moving my legs - I knew if I moved my legs too much my insurance would be void and also I could injure myself again. They called me lazy, but I was under strict orders."


- On the mass lip-syncing. "I don't like my voice. I like how my voice sounds on records after the editing has been done. I like the vocal effects and how the sound engineers take away the cracks and the smoke damage. But my live voice is deep and not as powerful as it used to be. I miss having that confidence to just stand on a stage and let my voice do the work. Now I feel like it's not enough. If I'm not moving across the stage and using props and using backing dancers - I feel vulnerable and not good enough." 


- On IG. "I thought IG would be a great way of connecting with fans. But then Lou and Larry hijacked it. It became harder and harder to post my own material without it going through 10 different people and filters. I felt like a prisoner." 


- On 2010's Disney meltdown. "I locked myself away, got the scissors and cut my hair off. I was back to square one with zero control of my own life. I'd been promised freedom after the Circus Tour but all I got was the c-ship extended until the end of time. I cried so much. I couldn't cut myself because of my boys. So I had to cut my hair instead."


What do YOU want to hear her thoughts on????





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The truth!! Would be amazing to hear anything in Britneys own words and not PR bullshit 

basically everything about 2007 and after

As long as shes under this stupid cship, theres no point in her doing one because it would be one of the most heavily edited autobiographies ever made and a lot of truth would be cut out. sounds horrible but she cant write one until her father is dead or theres no point. things i'd wanna know

> what was the real reason Justin and her broke up? did she  really cheat on him  and if so, why?

> what is her real feelings towards  her father? has she really felt he had her best interests in heart or was it just that he wanted to control her?

> what was the real reason she shaved her head? was it a cry for help? was it to hide drugs?

> did she ever just want to give music/performing all up?? did she feel made to work? did she feel like a cash cow for everyone?

> What was the 55 hr wedding all about

> K-Fed - why the hell?? 

> is there any part of her work she enjoys or does she just wanna retire and live a life now??


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3 hours ago, rik said:

she talked about wanting to write a tell all at the end of For the Record. Very clearly, something happened just over a year after production for FTR stopped/after the Circus tour ended. 

While Britney isn't the same person as she was even post-2008 (because who would be after being under a conservatorship or similar constraints for 10+ years as an adult), i am sure she still wants the freedom to talk about how she feels over the workout stuff she's been posting recently 

I honestly think the shift was as soon as the production finished for FTR. Remember how she seemed during the live countdown show for it?

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12 hours ago, falka said:

Just a ton of great unpublished before pictures with comments somewhere around.

:well: Comix style.

She can write good mystery book in her 60's :awyeah:

Something like this?


can you imagine the meltdowns if her comments are just “that was very fun and cool”

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11 hours ago, xkhingx said:

what’s the tea with the desert performance?i haven’t heard anything about it 

Okay so back in 2013 after Work ***** was released as the lead, Britney had announced on the GMA interview that she has some huge announcement or something and that it will be broadcasted live from the Las Vegas desert. So Jordan and some others hyped up everyone saying that it was confirmed that Britney is going to perform Work ***** live for the first time at the desert. Many fans gathered there on the day and Britney flew in in a helicopter to meet her fans and everyone together made the announcement of Piece Of Me residency and Britney gave a very awkward interview, 2013ney style and just left in the same helicopter with no performance whatsoever. This was a huge let down for the fan base and Exhale had its second biggest meltdown in history, only behind the Make Me video massacre. There was a 100 page thread or something which sadly got archived I think.


Of course, this is what I heard from veterans, I became a fan only in 2018 

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1. Everything about Mona Lisa,Rebellion and Original Doll.

2.What is/was wrong with Jayden?(back then there were rumors that Britney was cheating on Kevin and Jayden is from another man.She hides Jayden away for months after the birth.He needed to go to the hospital because of an illness.I think he could not  breath or something.She locked herself and Jayden into the bathroom before she was send  the hospital back in 2007.Why not both kids?)

3.What about Sam and Ali?

4.Does Brit know that Andre Fuentes died?Did she attend the funeral ?

5.What happend 2010/2011?

6.Why Fee never came back as an assistent?



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