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Is It 'The Beginning Of A New Life' For Britney Spears?

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Is It 'The Beginning Of A New Life' For Britney Spears?

Britney sets her sights on freedom - a marked change and hopeful new step after a difficult few years.


Britney Spears



Britney Spears returned to her home in California last week after a solo holiday to Hawaii. Appearing calm and content, it’s a marked change – and a hopeful new step – after a difficult few years, with sources telling Grazia that this is ‘the beginning of a new life’ for the troubled singer.

When Britney exploded onto the music scene in 1998, aged 17, she was the ultimate girl next door, and a pop idol in the making. But behind the music, power plays were at work to take control of her money, her businesses and even her freedom.

Now 37, Britney first entered into a conservatorship in 2008 after some erratic behaviour, such as the infamous time in 2007 she shaved her head and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella. This legal arrangement gave her father Jamie power over all her personal and professional decisions. But, in recent years, fans have wondered if Jamie has always had her best interests at heart – their concerns culminating in the #FreeBritney movement.


'This is ‘the beginning of a new life’ for the troubled singer.'

Now it seems the campaign may be effecting change. In April, the Britney’s Gram podcast (in which LA writers Tess Barker and Babs Gray dissect the singer’s Instagram feed) claimed to have received a recording from an anonymous paralegal on Britney’s team, stating that the situation was ‘disturbing to say the least’. It later emerged that Britney was in a psychiatric facility and protestors flocked there to call for her liberation. Britney’s mother Lynne, now separated from Jamie, hired Britney legal representation – the conservatorship meant she was unable to do so herself – in May.

Then, earlier this month, Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has 70% custody of their children, Sean, 13, and 12-year-old Jayden, alleged that Jamie had struck Sean, leading to a restraining order barring Jamie from contacting his grandchildren. He will not face criminal charges. Shortly afterwards, Jamie voluntarily gave up the conservatorship, citing ‘personal health reasons’. His role has been transferred to Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s care manager.

It’s a move that’s said to have left Britney finally feeling positive. ‘It’s been mentally exhausting and draining for Britney, but through this latest episode she has seen a glimmer of hope – and a taste of freedom,’ a source in California tells Grazia. ‘She’s elated that Jamie has been removed as her conservator.’ Nevertheless, she knows this is only the first step in what will be a long process. ‘She is worried about how things will change now he’s no longer at the helm. Her hope is that she is given more freedom to live her life, but the uncertainty of it only causes more concern.

Last week, Lynne appeared in court as the case continued, indicating to reporters that Britney is ‘happy’ and doing well. Meanwhile, outside court, fans showed their support. Lynne, Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari and even ex-husband Kevin are there for Britney: their split in 2007 was acrimonious but they have turned a corner. ‘Britney is happy for the boys to be with him; she knows she needs to work on herself, get stronger and back in control of her own life,’ the source adds. ‘It’s a lot to deal with, but she wants to prove that she’s tough enough to sustain all the twists and turns, and show the world she can stand on her own two feet and make decisions for herself again.’



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