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Founder of Hollywood Beauty Awards Explains Why Britney Left

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How much did Lou paid them to say that? :gerlwat:

Its a bunch of crap just like her team trying to explain why she was in the mental facility. She looked pissed and she told Sam to move in an attitude way. No security talked to her or motioned her to go, she left on her own. 

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Interesting they would say it was security that panicked, not Britney. This would allege she was fine. It was security’s decision to have her leave.  

Yet you can clearly see her expressing wanting to go.

But isn’t it funny only minutes before arriving she was on Sam’s IG sharing how excited she was about the show?


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3 hours ago, Brunetteknee said:

This award show was so...weird. Idk, something about it, even the way the caption is written, is unprofessional. This might sound kind of rude, but I’m glad Britney booked it and left. The event seems a bit disorganized and not well managed. :disappointed:

I think it's super random and weird the EVENT explains what happened with britney, which wasnt even nominated, i mean...lol

how could she know there was paparazzi inside? in the video we clearly see her get off the car, walk to the red carpet and the moment she sees reporters she wants to go. at least that's what i clearly see, idk about you guys but it's clear to me she panicked when she saw reporters so near to her.

like i said before, she needs a better team. she could have totally walked pass the reporters with her publicist explaining "she ain't doing any interviews today, she's just there to support her boyfriend". she could have even seat in the audience with her 2 bodyguards so nobody could get near, unless it's a fan or a friend to say hi, you know? they make it so complicated sometimes...

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