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Best Britney Tracks - 4, 5, 6

Best song from the following?  

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Im back :hiii:

Same as the previous game, pick your favourite songs with respect to their track number.

My picks:

  1. Honestly it’s so difficult :wontcry: Breathe On Me, Break The Ice, Not A Girl, Man On The Moon... all in the same poll :tiffanycries: I went with the classic Not A Girl because I love that ballad, but it was so difficult, Track 4 is iconic y’all.
  2. How I Roll :makesomenoise: I know it’s a weird choice but the song is so underrated! Just Luv Me close second.
  3. **** Track 6 has some of my favourite songs :watrusayin: I went with Toxic but FTBOMBH, What U See, Get Naked all are honourable mentions!

Sound off on ur picks below! 

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wassup girl (but actually boy), we're glad to see you back! :hugs:

Here are my picks:

Track 4

I, too, didn't realize that track 4 is so good and iconic! :mcry: This was a pretty hard choice, but in the end, I went for one of my favourite Britney songs, "Man On The Moon". The runner-ups here include "Breathe On Me", "Break The Ice", "I Wanna Go, and "Kill The Lights", and "It Should Be Easy". What made "MOTM" win against all these great songs is its very mature and beautiful production and lyrics. I'd love Britney go in this direction and make a Christina-like, R&B / hip hop record, since those genres work very well for her. :mhm:

Track 5

Just like track 4, track 5 has produced a whole lot of iconic-ness and greatness. The runner-ups here are "Early Mornin'", "Heaven On Earth", and "Shattered Glass". The winner here is "Just Luv Me". I adore the production (especially the "ambience" thingy right at the beginning, ugh, that's an eargasm! :mcry:), and, similarly to "Man On The Moon", the lyrics here are great and mature too.

Track 6

"Toxic" wins. Duh. This segment will be very short, since it's not necessary to explain why "Toxic" is great and the winner here. The runner-ups are "What U See (Is What U Get)", "Anticipating", and "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)".


Also, I'll continue what I started in the "Tracks 1, 2, 3" thread, A.K.A. predictions on what B10 will sound like based on the most popular choices.

So far, it looks like B10 will be an electropop, dance, R&B, and teen pop / bubblegum pop record. Sounds great, don't it? :jj:

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