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Britney’s Sheet Music Books..

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Hello there ladies, me again...  :hehehe:

So lately I’ve been collecting a lot of sheet music from some of my favorite artists including Britney and I was wondering if anyone else does too? 


She has tons of simple ones for a lot of her singles through FF, and full books for the BOMT through Blackout albums and even GH:MP. They’re gorgeous and it’s Super Cool to have the piano/vocal/guitar music. I don’t play, but I love having them.


Unfortunately I have not been able to find any album books for Circus, Femme Fatale or anything later than those releases. Anyone know if her label even produced them?

Do you guys play her music or make covers? So much of her music is absolutely lovely on the piano.  


Okay, thank you *****.   :gimmemoar: 



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