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(Fake) We're getting a POM tour DVD!!

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Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh... as pretty much EVERYONE else has pointed out already, this is a fake account. I'm subscibed to Britney's official YouTube page and I never got any notification for this. Also, just one look through the posted videos shows that this is a fake. :britannoyed:

Also, not to be rude, but y'all really need to double-check when it comes to this sort of topic. Like, I'm assuming most of y'all here are subscribed to Britney. In that case, it's very simple to check if you're subbed to a Britney channel or not. If you are: it's real. If not: it's a fake. It's pretty simple, not gonna lie. :britannoyed:

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I’d still buy it, not gonna lie. But Britney’s last official DVD/BluRay release was the FFT in 2011 Even though a POM 2016 Revamp or 2018 Tour DVD would be Fabulous, at this point I doubt they would even bother with one. Even though we know it’s all been filmed. Like, don’t be stupid Team B, just make them and take our pennies.  :joanne:

It can rust in “It Just Didn’t Work” Hell along with the Onyx Hotel and Circus Tour DVDs. Plus, Ive already got some amazing pro bootlegs, so it’s cool. Oh, what could have been.  :wontcry:

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3 hours ago, CrystalDorris said:

I was gonna say it looks pretty shoddy camerawork for a professional release and was worried about how cheap and low theyd go. But see its a fake now.

They did with the Femme Fatale dvd. Possibly some of the worst angles ever and editing is atrocious.

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7 hours ago, jonloch1 said:

OMFG Really?? it looks real. what is her official YT channel??


Sorry guys...…….

Yeah, I get it, at first glance, it DOES look real. But one look through the videos proves it's not, since there are no music videos posted on that channel.

This is her official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/britneyspears

When looking for official channels of artists, always look for a light gray note symbol next to the username. :)

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