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Guys help me

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Honestly all day today I couldn’t focus on anything because after reading some of the things that’s been posted here about all these vultures that’s in Britney life has me really worried. Like this dementia thing? Where did this come from? I’ve never heard that be mentioned before? I can’t get my head around this? Surely if Britney was that mentally unstable she couldn’t work? She couldn’t go on holidays? She couldn’t do interviews etc? What’s going on? I am so sad and scared for her. ☹️ Do you guys really think she can be free of all of this? I am praying very hard for her and I really hope this judge does her job correct and give this girl what she deserves and that’s her right to live her life as she chooses. I honestly don’t no how Britney keeps a brave face on she has to be mentally drained like who can she trust? Who has her back? She needs someone who’s cares for Britney the person and not Britney the brand. Sorry for rambling I’ve just been upset thinking about that sweet girl all day.

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Breath in and exhale

We might not get all the answers. But focus on how far things have come, the opportunity that lyes ahead. And this....

- Britney has had more of a shot at freedom, or at least, getting rid of some of the toxic ppl around her than she has ever had these past 11 years. 

- she has had her rights advocated, and the injustice against her made public. 

- a new judge, a new investigation

- and she can see her fanbase loves her, supports her as a human, and fight for her 

- the #FreeBritney movement has given hope

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