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New Britney IG post

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1 minute ago, This pu$$y biteback said:

You notice that too hug, when it's something they don't agree it's her team aka lou


9 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

Its funny how people here flip flop between "it's so obvious that britney isnt posting. It's her team" and "omg yaas britney. Drag them" :janet:

Who tf knows what to think anymore.

This sounds like Brit tho. :hideous:

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54 minutes ago, xkhingx said:

it’s always Britney, after the court hearing they gave her access to her instagram 

It doesn't mean her PR team doesn't have access to her Instagram, but the discrepancy between Twitter and IG is interesting -- especially because the NASCAR/energy drink ad was only on twitter and on JL's accounts. Anyway, the only IG post that made me raise my eyebrows regarding the question if it's really her was the shoes one

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16 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

Except when she posted about that Mitch whoever he is and his "daddy"'s love for Monster

That was posted on twitter and facebook, not on Instagram. Big detail... I'm not saying her team doesn't have access to her ig anymore (because every team has access to their clients' official sm accounts), but that was something very interesting. I think they did gave her more access to her IG account because the backlash they received was pretty important.

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