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New Report: Jamie Abused Britney’s Son

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WTF but good on Britney for doing the incredibly mature thing and removing her children from Jamie and taking them back to Kevin. Also good on Kevin (for once) for filing a police report. Now

I hope everyone involved is okay, including Britney and especially poor Sean Preston. If anything good comes from this, I hope the courts and the WORLD sees Jamie for the absolute f**king scum he

Head of conservatorship is about to fall

Oh no my poor baby :crying2: hope he’s ok and well and not traumatize, etc. Jamie is sick he needs to be lockup, and Britney and (finally) Kevin are doing the right thing. This is the wake up call everyone needed




Its over now baby. YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL, PERIODTTT :rihit: LET THE C-SHIP END *******

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9 minutes ago, CrystalDorris said:

Truly sickening. Breaks my heart. Hope that the boys are ok. Who knows what hostility Britney and the boys have had to endure over the years. 

didn't one of the leaked emails from 2007 - 2008 have Britney talking about how her kids were scared of Jamie and how they didn't call him pops or however they used to call him? 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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24 minutes ago, maquisl said:

New info




Britney Spears' father was allegedly so enraged during an argument with his 13-year-old grandson that he broke down a door to get to the young boy, and the incident has sparked a child abuse investigation.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Jamie Spears was involved in an argument with Britney and Kevin Federline's 13-year-old son, Sean, when the 67-year-old man flew off the handle.

We're told the boy became scared of his grandfather's reaction, so he ran into his room and locked the door.

Our source says Jamie broke down the bedroom door, and once he got his hands on the boy, allegedly "violently shook" the teenager.

We're told the entire incident was chaotic, but in the end Britney did the right thing by removing her children from the home -- and her father -- and bringing them someplace safe.

K-Fed learned about the incident after Britney called him to take the children for the night, even though it was technically still her time with custody.

The following day, we're told Kevin and his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, walked into a Ventura County Sheriff's Office and reported the alleged crime.

Since the police report was taken, we're told all parties have spoken to investigators, and the case has been submitted to the Ventura County District Attorney for charging consideration.

We're told Jamie is more than likely facing a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly "inflicting unjustifiable physical pain on a child."

Calls to Jamie Spears have not yet been returned.


“We're told the entire incident was chaotic, but in the end Britney did the right thing by removing her children from the home -- and her father -- and bringing them someplace safe.“

^^ This will be Britney’s saving grace! SHE did the right thing for her son! :nynod:

** I get the feeling we’re gonna be hearing a lot more **** about Jamie’s treatment of Brit too. There’s more going on here imo. If Jamie would get physically violent with his grandson IMAGINE what he’s done to his own daughter!! :crying4:

** Who else here thinks maybe Jamie’s been drinking again?? :checkit:

** Why do I sense Lou is scheming somehow behind the scenes to take down Jamie, to make the **** we’ll (tbh the gp) will learn about her not seem as bad as Jamie’s alleged child abuse? Be careful about whatever we do hear from Cship team such as Sam, Britney’s social media accounts etc. :mj:

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1 hour ago, Thecodeman25 said:

Wow. I wonder what this is about. I wonder if Sean was sticking up for his mom? This **** is getting heated. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious.


36 minutes ago, jonloch1 said:

He probably tries but remember hes only 15 so probably gets told to shut up and respect his grandfather

Exactly what I’m thinking. Those boys are only 12 and 13. They know right from wrong. Their mom has been under their grandfather’s cship for most of their lives. I can only imagine what they’ve grown up seeing and hearing as far as Jamie has treated their mom and how everyone else in that crazy manipulative isolated bubble their mom’s been locked in for 11 ½ years!

Child abuse is taken very seriously. Maybe Andrew Walter witnessed Jamie’s temper too? Another reason for him to take his $ and jump off the sinking cship ship.

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If the court were to set up a supported decision-making arrangement for Britney instead of a Conservatorship, Britney's life would be private again, with heavy guidance through legal arrangements with people she trusts.  She would also get her rights back. 

The  conservatorship lacks transparency, which why Britney is in the press so much. She's under the thumb of attorneys and her father.  It doesn't seem right  to the public.    The instinct of her fans is to want to protect Britney FROM those who are put in control over her.   That's a sad state of affairs. And similar reactions are common.   People on the outside  are always  questioning the over-arching power  given to a conservator.  They SHOULD be questioning it.

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Oh my f**king godddddd what a trash grandpa 

Literally Jamie be careful bc if Sean wanted to he could’ve given u a punch in the colon and u would be out for good. So how about u stop abusing kids and adults and live the rest of ur life rotting in jail 

also I wonder if he said something about his mom 





I wonder if angry gramma bear memsie is going to come out and rock Jamie’s **** up


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