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I felt inspired lately when I saw #freebritney move. 
It remainds me what Britney once said "Even when you go to jail you know there's the time when you're gonna get out." 
Hope u like it! :crying2:


You can watch video how I made it here:

My previous topics with my arts can be found here:


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On 9/1/2019 at 6:08 PM, DayvinDazone said:

Wow! That's absolutely gorgeous, and she looks beautiful (even tho you can see the pain her eyes).

Great job! :mcry:


23 hours ago, Shadow2003 said:

Oh D A M N this SLAYS!!!


This is so realistic it could be a photo! :flawless:


22 hours ago, YeezusChrist said:

Nice. Everytime 2.0


22 hours ago, Do Somethin' said:

OMG you're so talented :fakewow:

Great job, man! :clap:

#FreeBritney :badthoughts:


20 hours ago, Miss_R said:

Wow :airpls:


20 hours ago, RebelMe said:

You're so talented. It's beautiful and sad :kyliecry:


20 hours ago, Slayer said:

wow, you're very talented!

Thank you all! :crying1: I'm glad you all like it.


20 hours ago, Needleney said:

That making of video is so dramatic. :uknowit:


Anyway, you have some great photoshop skills over there. Very nice!

Thank you :crying2:. You mean the music in video or the whole video itself is dramatic :D?


20 hours ago, UnyewsualYew said:

Very very creative. It's so f**ked up though that the picture is a portrayal of her life

Thank you :crying3:. Yeah it is, I feel sad about it... I wish her the best. 

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21 hours ago, Martini said:

Omg this made me miss her old face (sry to be one of "those" fans) U captured her pain so wonderfully.

Thank you ;)! Yeah, I understand what you mean. Sometimes I miss the "old" Britney her face, personality etc.:crying1:

18 hours ago, puppylo16 said:

Team B should have hired you for the fantasy ads. Your photoshop skills are better than Randee’s

Thank you! I would luv to! :clap1:

17 hours ago, nthenwkiss said:

Britney should post this on her IG without a caption.

That would be dream come true :pumped:

11 hours ago, puppylo16 said:

You think her team would allow that? It would get deleted by Lou 

I would luv to! But yeah I feel it would get deleted by lou :crying2:

9 hours ago, Britney : A Vocal Actress said:


Thank you!

8 hours ago, PZHSB said:

You should sell this to her team for her next perfume advertisements. Looks better than the **** they put out 

Thank you very much ;)

5 hours ago, Commotion said:

ohhh this is really good, I love the details on the dress and how you worked in the background. I would've loved one with the theatre background too though but I see how this one works better :OMGney:

Thanks! Yeah, theatre was the main idea. Maybe in future arts I will use it, cuz I'd like the idea Britney on stage etc. I was trying to make theatre scene in one of my first video, but I change it aswell :mhm:

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