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Hands down Britney’s BEST EVER photoshoot.

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23 hours ago, Commotion said:

I think we're all subestimating the magical ability that that photographer had to turn one of the most beautiful women in the planet ugly for a photoshoot :wow:


16 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Lucky Magazine 2011 was most probably a photoshoot of her wax figure than Britney herself :akii:

wasn't Britney the one who chose to wear the wig? I may have read that somewhere

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6 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

And I bet she put it on, too. She probably thought altering her hairline to the point where she looked like a lost half sister of Teresa Giudice was faded, fun, cool, interesting & different.

I just looked up Teresa Giudice, and... :omgreallyney: :omgreallyney: :omgreallyney:

I'm sorry, but why does she look like a living wax figure??? :hairflip:

Teresa Giudice Reality cast member, Author | TV Guide

Big Brother Global: Teresa Giudice denies cheating on ...

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