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Britney should pull a Gaga

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33 minutes ago, BritneyOfficial said:

You and I was one of Gaga’s biggest hits. It was released as a single years after recording.

Britney recorded a song called ‘scary’ which could very well be the thriller of our time. What are your thoughts about releasing Scary as a single?

It was released as a single 3 months after Born This Way dropped...:xfactorlook:

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4 hours ago, dancewithme said:

But she has been performing it since the beginning of the Monster Ball arena tour in early 2010

Well, yeah, "Yoü And I" was performed at the Monster Ball around 2009 / 2010, Born This Way was released in May 2011, and "Yoü And I" was released as a single in August 2011. So, only 3 months between the album and single's release, and 1-2 years between the first performance and single release. Meanwhile, "Scary" was released 8 years ago. :umwtf:

Plus, "Yoü And I" was featured on Born This Way's standard edition. "Scary", on the other hand, is a Japan-exclusive bonus track. :umwtf:

So, if "Scary" was released now,

  1. nobody would know that it was even featured on Femme Fatale, other than stans. People would think that it's a brand new song, and because of this...
  2. ...it would be written off as a cheap attempt to get a hit, or a basic, average, and already-dated song that's not worth your time.

For the record, I actually like "Scary", but it sure as hell isn't single material, especially not nowadays, when popular music is so much different compared to 2011. :heresthetea:

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  • Exhale+

No thanks :nonoNO:

I actually don’t mind Scary, but if they were going to release an older song as a single today there are soooo many better options. 

Glory is already three years old. She could release a number of songs off of that album that would be hits today. She needs the right team to promote and put out her songs... that’s why the general public thought Glory was a flop. Better, Liar and Mood Ring would all be bangers. 

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