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"My Baby" made me cry when I first heard it lol at the time, I felt like it was a sign Britney was still there.  I won't lie... Blackout disappointed me at the time.  I wanted SUBSTANCE from Britney in 2007 and I felt Blackout was just avoiding her problems.  Of course, I love Blackout now but in the moment it was a letdown.

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7 hours ago, This pu$$y biteback said:

My baby is a beautiful song!! If you have a child it’s the perfect song to dedicate to them tbh 

Exactly :truthtea: i love both of them tbh, even tho i don't mind My Baby being underrated/unknown it wasn't even released as a single (and the lyrics are pretty cheesy :jj:) But what really breaks my heart is that Someday was released as a single and it has a beautiful MV, she looked GORGEOUS and radiant but it still underrated :crying1::tiffanycries:

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