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Britney not resigning her contract with Jive, possible song title and confirmation of Hollywood: The Musical (2005) | Allure Magazine

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Back in April 2005, fansite UBritney reported this to be a quote from the then upcoming Britney interview for Allure Magazine


“I’m not sure about anything anymore. I’ve not officially resigned with Jive again and me and Dan [Dymtrow] are just kind of figuring out stuff right now, you know? It’s hard to say if I’ll ever release the material I’m working on right now in it’s current state, but you’ll see the best out of it in not so distant future. There is a song called ‘Try’ that I wrote and recorded and I really feel it at the moment. It’s kind of, I wanna do an album for me this time. But I don’t really wanna call it an album though. I know of a multi-part thing that I’ve been preparing, and every part kind of completes the other. But I wanna take time, you know? I’m not rushing myself and I wanna do it right this time. I really have the urge to express my opinion on some things I’ve never been allowed to say before. I wanna get to people where it hurts now… I wanna be real about it.”

But then the actual interview came out and the quote was nowhere to be found


After a self-imposed break from the spotlight Britney Spears speaks up about marriage, motherhood, Michael Jackson, and how the paparazzi (unwittingly) helped her get her life back on track. Not long ago, Britney Spears fled the paparazzi of Los Angeles and retreated to a luxury hotel in Santa Barbara. They had tracked her down shopping in a maternity-and-baby store, which is as juicy a tabloid item as finding Brad Pitt outside the United Nations loitering with a DVD of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider tucked under his arm.

At the hotel, she was able to kick back: lounging by the pool in a bikini, even catching up on some reading. She was working her way through the immodestly titled volume, “The Power of Kabbalah: This Book Contains the Secrets of the Universe and the Meaning of Our Lives, whose author is Yehuda Berg and whose cover blurbist, more importantly, is Madonna (“Nothing to do with religious dogma: the ideas in this book are earth-shattering and yet so simple” ).

Britney Spears looked, at one point, as if she might be the Madonna of her generation. She even apparently looked that way to Madonna, who was smart enough to wear a “Britney” T-shirt in public and to perform a duet, “Me Against the Music” with her as a way of absorbing the younger, more nubile pop star’s presenting threat. The comparisons were quite obvious: Just as Madonna did, Britney turned her dancing talent into her main asset and pranced her way through a range of theatrical personae, from “…Baby One More Time” in which she was the schoolgirl in knee socks to “Outrageous” where she played a dirty-girl vamp wrapping her legs around the waist of rap star and former ****-video host Snoop Dogg.

But while Madonna has managed to keep reinventing herself for more than 20 years, generating new paradigms for women as she goes along, Spears has had, in the past year or so, her paradigms defined for her by the tabloids. In pages that had formerly celebrated her, she was suddenly being depicted as reckless and wild (impulsively getting married to a friend in Las Vegas, then getting a quick annulment, followed by another trip down the aisle). Even before a knee injury forced her to end her tour last summer (now resulting in her multimillion dollar lawsuit against her tour insurers), Spears’s tremendous success seemed to be stalled, in a holding pattern that was only emphasized by the releases, when she was just 22 years old, of a greatest-hits album.

Last fall, Spears declared to the world that she was taking time off from the dancing, singing and head-tossing that had consumed her since prepuberty and seemed eager to change the course of her career. “I’m sorry that my life seemed like it was all over the place the past two years, it’s probably because IT WAS!” she wrote to fans on her web site. “Going and going and going is all I’ve ever known since I was 15 years old. It’s amazing what advisors will push you to do, even if it means taking a naïve, young, blonde girl and putting her on the cover of every magazine.”

Lounging by the pool in Santa Barbara out of the reach of paparazzi is part of her retrenchment program, and Spears has been taking a much needed break from the punishing fitness schedule – 1000 situps three times a week – that she maintains when performing. “As you can see, I’ve still got the honeymoon aftereffect,” she says cheerfully, pointing to a stomach that would shame most ordinary 23 year olds. “After I got married I was one of those people who let themselves go a little bit. I was just lounging around and eating and laying out” – sunbathing – “and just didn’t have a care in the world.” The postnuptial tabloid pictures of her served as motivation, she says.”At that moment in time I was overweight, and I am glad they did that, because it made me see that I needed to lose weight. It’s true!”

In her downtime, Spears has a relaxed attitude to her looks, letting the dark roots show in her blonde hair, which she ties up in an unruly knot. “I need to leave my hair alone, because it’s probably going to fall out very soon,” she says. “When I was on my honeymoon, I had this brilliant idea to perm my hair and I fried it really, really bad.” Although she created her own scent last year with Elizabeth Arden, entitled Curious, today she’s wearing fragrance from a magazine scent strip that she rubbed on her wrists. (Her new fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, she says, smells like cookies and milk.) Her best beauty tip is to take lots of naps. “I’m a big sleeper,” she says.

During her hiatus, she has not, though, been entirely idle. In addition to making fragrances, she won a Best Dance Recording Grammy for her song “Toxic,” and has a new manager, Dan Dymtrow, who seems as eager as Spears to create a singing and dancing star out of her new husband, 27 year old Kevin Federline. “He’s the sexiest thing alive,” she says of Fedeline. “And no one knows half of what he can do. I mean, he’s brilliant.” Federline recently made his debut as a celebrity in his own right on the cover of “Details” magazine. “I saw the cover and I was like ‘Oh, ****!'” Spears says. “Like, ****, man, I do not want these women looking at my husband now. What am I doing? I’m creating a monster.”

Her first marriage created merely embarrassment. Spears wed her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, in a Las Vegas wedding parlour in the small hours of a January morning, an event swiftly dismissed by her publicists as a joke that went too far. Actually, Spears says now, there was more to it than that. “Everything happens for a reason and I think that really kind of was a desperate cry to my family,” she says. “I kind of feel it brought my family together, and that was something that needed to happen. I had felt lost for so long. And my mom was getting my sister ready for showbusiness, and I’m on the road, just running around in Germany with my head cut of and not knowing what the hell’s going on. I didn’t need some counselor. I needed my mom and I needed my dad.” She regrets the distress the event caused her family – “especially my dad,” she says, “because your daughter getting married is one of the biggest things in the world, and I think I really shocked the **** out of him” – but she says she didn’t realize she was, in fact, actually going to wind up married after the ceremony was over. “I didn’t think it was real,” she says. “I thought it was, like, just something you do when you are in Vegas.” That sounds implausibly naïve, but then so does a lot that Spears says.

While she has long been a lightning rod for parents who are worried by their prepubescent daughters’ insistence on wearing Britney-style tube tops or glittery make up, it doesn’t take long talking to Spears to realize that in some ways, she’s hardly more grown up than many preteens. “She’s a woman now,” said Spears’ mother, Lynne, when Spears married Federline in September after a few months of courtship while on tour, but when Spears talks about her marriage, it’s clear that she’s learning a lot of adult lessons from it. “I think getting married is one of the biggest moments of truth there are,” she says. “Anything in your life that’s wrong will surface. I mean, my wedding day and my honeymoon were great. But we hit a little bit of reality, hardcore, after the first three weeks. But we handled it fine, and now things are starting to go really smooth.”

Adjusting to living with another person, particularly when you’ve only known each other a few months, was hard, she said. “Everyone thinks you get married, and that’s it, but you’re still going to fight. You’re still going to get mad and say, ‘Pick up your damn shirt’. It’s just that young thing of you know, ‘Where do you want to eat tonight? Who’s going to cook?’ It becomes this whole thing of figuring each other out in the house. Before we got married, we were on tour, and we were just like kids, ordering room service, saying, ‘Let’s go out tonight’. And then all of a sudden you get home and you have the kids, you have the diapers, get the dogs to the vet. It’s this whole reality, you know.”

Of course, Spears, unlike most newlyweds, can pay someone to take care of all that reality stuff (“Oh, I do,” she says,” but I like to be involved with it too.”) But other aspects of married life cannot be handled by Spears’s employees, such as becoming a stepmother to Kori, Federline’s two year old daughter by his ex, actress, Shar Jackson. (His son with Jackson, Kaleb, who was born after he and Spears announced their engagement, is still too young to be shuttled between parents much). “When you look at a little person, it’s kind of like looking at yourself again,” she says of spending time with Kori. “You end up remembering what really makes you happy. The simple pleasures in life. She makes me see those things all over again.”
Spears announced last fall that she “could not wait” to start a family, but as of January at least, she was waiting. “I’m not pregnant,” she said, lighting up the first of several cigarettes, as if to prove her point. “It’s not something I’m striving for. But it feels weird to talk about it, because it’s like, when things are about to happen, you don’t want to jinx it, because it feels too good to be true.” Her paparazzi-plagued visit to the maternity and baby store was for a bathing suit for Kori, and while Spears says “it was kind of cool at first” to be chased by photographers early in her career, she’s more conscious of the invasion of privacy now that Federline’s kids are in the picture. “I want to talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger and see if there could be a law, where you know if you go to special events and stuff, it’s fine for them to be there, but in your personal time, it’s stalking you know?” she says.

On account of her celebrity, Spears has lived much of her private life in public, including her first romance, with Justin Timberlake, who revealed (more by tone than words) to Barbara Walters that the worlds’ most famous virginity pledge had been broken. “We talk,” she says now. “Not all the time. I mean we’ve talked, like two or three times.” Of the breakup she says, “Oh I was devastated. You know it’s your first real love, in front of the whole world. But we’re so cool now, and he’s a sweet guy.” As a former child star herself – she was a Mouseketeer – she is sympathetic toward Michael Jackson, whose trial wass just getting under way when she was in Santa Barbara. “If he did do those things, I feel sorry for him,” she says. “I feel like he probably feels alone and he needs some help. He needs someone to come to him and be like, ‘OK, let’s buck you up, let’s go to a bar, let’s get drunk and be a man.’ And if he didn’t do those things, I feel sorry for him. Either way he needs to get into a fight.”

Spears didn’t know how long she’d be able to stay in Santa Barbara before the photographers figured out where she was, and she would have to return home to Malibu, where renovations are under way on her 9,000 square foot, 8 bedroom house. “You kind of fell like you’re in Louisana there – it’s like swamps,” she says. “Well, not swamps. But there is a little river and a bridge.”

She says she is “obsessed with decorating homes right now, for fun, as projects,” and perhaps that’s something she’ll pursue in this next stage of her life. And then there are her Kabbalah studies, which she augments with private sessions with Madonna’s tutor. “There’s always more to learn with Kabbalah,” she says of the form of mystical Judaism that has been discovered by all sorts of non-Jewish celebrities. “You never know it all. I’ve been around the world, and I’ve seen a lot of religions do stuff, and it’s the only thing that really speaks to me, for some reason. You really start to pay attention to the principles and you start to see your life change – like that’s what happened to me.” What has changed for her, she says, is “stress, the worrying factor and being in control of your destiny basically. And the thing I love about it is how humble it is. It’s very humble, and very simple and the same time.” Hence her sun-lounged reading material, which she characterized as being “about the basic concepts of what the Bible says. You know, ‘Love yourself as you love thy neighbor’.” Leviticus has it the other way around of course, although loving yourself first is the expected celebrity habit. But to her credit, no one would agree more with the proposition that Britney Spears has got a lot to learn than Britney Spears herself, and once the paparazzi catch up with her again, we’re likely to watch her

https://www.ukbritney.tv/2005/03/17/allure-magazine-interview/do just that.

This came a year after it was reported that Britney fired Larry Rudolph after her original deal of four albums with Jive ended


The pop diva said Thursday she had parted ways after nine years with Larry Rudolph, the man who turned the 22-year-old into an international star with record sales of 60 million, Hellomagazine.com said. "We had a great run and I appreciate all of Larry's guidance over the years. I wish him all the best," Spears said in a statement. Rudolph released a statement saying he and his client "mutually agreed" not renew the management contract.

And a year before this happened


"“I was watching “The Fabulous Life of Britney and Kevin” on VH1 and they said that Jive renewed her contract for 3 more albums! They didnt say when the albums would come out.” The new contract is also apparently worth $10.5 million"

Could it be that the quote was removed before the magazine came out or it was fake? Does anyone have the actual magazine and can confirm this?

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Are we sure it's fake :schoolingtime:? Because I clearly remember the quote of her talking about that song "Try" :nynod:

Anyway like we already know I think, sadly things just didn't turn out the way she wanted artistically at the time. They never let her be the artist she wanted to be.

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