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I Know Being Vevo Certified Doesn't Matter Nowadays, But...

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Let's congratulate Britney anyways! Not only is Scream & Shout Certified, but so are 20 of her other videos, with 2 more (Stronger, If U Seek Amy) close behind! IDK if 21 videos is typical for other artists, but it's still a nice, high number! Her Certified videos are:

  1. Scream & Shout
  2. Baby One More Time
  3. Toxic
  4. Work *****
  5. I Wanna Go
  6. Womanizer
  7. Oops I Did It Again
  8. Till The World Ends
  9. Pretty Girls
  10. Gimme More
  11. Circus
  12. Sometimes
  13. Hold It Against Me
  14. I'm A Slave 4 U
  15. Everytime
  16. Piece Of Me
  17. You Drive Me Crazy
  18. Ooh La La
  19. Criminal
  20. Lucky
  21. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Some of these, like OLL and Criminal were definitely out of left field.

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21 certified videos ain't that common for a singer that debuted in the 90s. I think Beyoncé is the only other one from that era to have these many, including Destinys Child that is :bareclap:

and also, Toxic is about to hit 400M views, which will be her second solo video to do so, after ...Baby One More Time :endit: It is surprising that she has only those two at 400M though, other artists have way more. The next closest video is Work ***** which is way back at 310M I think. Scream & Shout is on will.i.am's channel :nochillbrit:

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I know YT is great but we NEED to stream her on Spotify too!


2 hours ago, Lil Jay said:

Maybe they are only counting solo songs or ones that are on their channel?

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Honestly, I don't think I've seen any VEVO Certified videos after... 2011 / '12, I think... It's also a shame that all of Britney's VEVO Certified vids were made during the Femme Fatale era, and she always seemed tired in them. It would've been really cool if she made some more now, since she seems much more happier nowadays. :yesplease:

Also, that's pretty cool! 20 videos is already a lot, and looking at the ranking @Lil Jay posted, it's even more impressive, since she's one of the few artists from the 90s or earlier on there; most are from the 2000s. I just think it's a shame that her top certified video is "Scream & Shout", of all videos. :disappointed: I'd expect that title to go to either "...BOMT" or "Toxic". :disappointed:

8 hours ago, Lil Jay said:

Chris Brown has more VEVO Certified videos than Mariah, Britney, Michael Jackson and Gaga? :puke:

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7 hours ago, Soni said:

I know YT is great but we NEED to stream her on Spotify too!


Maybe they are only counting solo songs or ones that are on their channel?

Probably not counting Scream and Shout as she's featured on it and it's on will.i.am's channel, but I imagine that Pretty Girls will be included in that.

Still, this is very impressive especially for an artist that debuted pre-VEVO!

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