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Her nose is crooked

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This article popped up for me when I was reading Google news.  I think I finally see what’s off with her face.

It just looks like they took too much off the right when they slimmed down her nose, so it’s tilted more to the left (her left), which makes her features seem lob-sided and a bit hooked-witchy.

It doesn’t seem to be her first nose job tho as around 2002/3 there’s a distinct slimmer nose there too.  That nose job wasn’t so bad, but now her nose is too small for her face.

Also notice how her hair has been the same, tired platinum do for the longest time. It’s aging her as is the excessive makeup. Why does she insist on panda makeup? I don’t get what she’s trying to hide... Does she have scars from eye surgery or something?

P.S. not trying to stir up crap or anything...Her face really perplexes me sometimes as I have never seen someone’s looks naturally change so much in such a short period of time except with too many botched procedures.

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