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Hello everyone :hiii:

So today I was streaming Glory :lollipop:which is what we all should do at all times :kisses: and I thought it would be interesting to re order the album a little bit

I absolutely love Glory and it's in my holy trinity, but I think the order of the songs is a little wonky at times :shameless:

My to-go order nowadays is this, I tried to make it make sense as a story:

  1. Invitation   (Brinty is ***** for this guy and she's very much out there asking for him to **** her already)
  2. Slumber Party (she teams up with her friend who's also ***** for some guy and they're having a sleepover talking about how much they wanna **** their guys)
  3. If I'm Dancing (They play Britney's Tom Dinner and she's totally surprised by the fact that that recording exists, proceeds to create an intricate armography choreo mixed with zumba)
  4. Do You Wanna Come Over? (following day, her friend convinces her to sext her crush)
  5. Man On The Moon (dramaticney had a dream about the guy last night and now she's thinking she can't compete with the kind of girls he likes)
  6. Just Luv Me (her DMs get more desperate)
  7. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (hornyney gets a **** pic back and they're fully gonna ****, she says something in Spanish cus he looks ethnic)
  8. Private Show (they meet up and do the f**king)
  9. Make Me (they continue that)
  10. Better (she's fully fallen for him because she's discovered her crush also likes to dance to Janet Jackson)
  11. Coupure Électrique (she learns some french, at this point she discovers her bf actually is french, overseas places like France, Spain and Canada are very hard to differenciate)
  12. Clumsy (they're fully doing the f**king again)
  13. What You Need (this one's actually about her children and how she's a great mother and deserves full custody)
  14. Hard To Forget Ya (going through a rough patch because her bf couldn't tell who was jayden and who was "the other one")
  15. Love Me Down (she stopped messaging him for 20 minutes after that mistake, then they ****)
  16. Just Like Me (going to pick up her kids, she finds out her bf is f**king myah marie, who has developed the ability to not only sound like Britney, she also looks exactly like her)
  17. Liar (turns out he hadn't just f**ked myah, it was also all the other ladies that sang on BJ other than Britney that didn't sound like Myah either)

So I thought it'd be cool if you guys shared your re-orders and stuff :) you can take songs out, shuffle them however you want, add remixes if needed! :snapney:

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I'm not good at arranging track lists but here's one thing that would have been fun- Invitation, Slumber Party, Private Show and Do You Wanna Come Over has a connection due to their names as

Invitation: Do You Wanna Come Over to a Slumber Party/Private Show?

:weusay: So if those 4 went together it would be a fun combination just because of the names.

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I already did in @ILikeChillinWithYou's iconic "Glory" evaluation thread:

  1. Invitation (obv start)
  2. Just Luv Me (keeps the mid tempo vibe going)
  3. Mood Ring (same but slightly more high production)
  4. Make Me (continues to up the tempo gradually)
  5. Love Me Down (follow up *** song to "Make Me")
  6. Slumber Party (another *** song)
  7. Private Show (perfect follow up to "Slumber Party" theme wise)
  8. What You Need (keeps the doowop sound going)
  9. Do You Wanna Come Over? (felt best to go with guitar lead tracks after doowop instead of going straight for EDM)
  10. Change Your Mind (continues with the guitar / latin sound)
  11. Better (this is where it gets kinda random and I have no explanations)
  12. If I'm Dancing
  13. Liar
  14. Just Like Me (these two should definitely follow one another because they form a nice lil story, technically "Liar" would make more sense AFTER "Just Like Me" story wise but I put it before purely based on sound / mood / tempo)

this was my iteration of a better "Glory".. removed 3 songs ("Clumsy" and "Hard to Forget Ya" because I dislike both of them, "Coupure" because I didn't know where to put it).. come to think of it, "Liar" and "Just Like Me" are super out of place compared to the rest of the songs too but I just slapped them on at the end because they're too good to just remove altogether.. :howiroll:

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I've done it multiple times but I can't remember anymore :pieceofwhat:

  • Do You Wanna Come Over
  • If I'm Dancing
  • Make Me
  • Man On The Moon
  • Just Luv Me
  • Love Me Down
  • Change Your Mind
  • Slumber Party
  • Clumsy
  • Mood Ring
  • Better
  • Just Like Me
  • Invitation


  • Hard to Forget Ya
  • Liar
  • Private Show
  • What U Need
  • Coupure Electrique
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I've posted this probably like 5 times here, hoping someone would actually listen to it this way lol. I think this should've been the standard version and I think it's miles better than how the original album was ordered. I've actually created a Spotify playlist for it and whenever I'm in the mood to listen to Glory, I listen to this order.

  1. Invitation
  2. Make Me...
  3. Man on the Moon
  4. Just Luv Me
  5. Better
  6. Mood Ring
  7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  8. Slumber Party
  9. Just Like Me
  10. Love Me Down
  11. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

I kept some things I liked about the order of the original album, but I modified it to my favorite songs and put them in an order that gives the album flow. That way, it doesn't make the album too continuously chill where you're bored/sad or too continuously upbeat where the album starts to get tiring.

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Come Over (renamed) 

Make Me feat. Missy Elliott

Man On The Moon

Change Your Mind (feat. Marc Anthony) 


Love Me Down (feat. G-Eazy) 


Like Me (renamed) 

Slumber Party

Tom's Diner

Just Love Me (renamed) 



If I'm Dancing

Hard To Forget Ya

Mood Ring

Coupure Electrique

Clumsy (Japan Exclusive)



Private Show

What You Need



Make Me

Change Your Mind

Slumber Party

It flows so much better sonically and it has the classic album structure (cover + last ballad) 


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