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New Britney Wax figure

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They keep using the same base figure, and just slapping a new wig that does not fit, and a new outfit on her, that wasnt made to fit the figure.

They need to make an entirely new figure. Period. Stop re-using the 2008 Vmas figure and just redressing it.

I heard they are making an aaliyah wax figure, and if it looks anything like how Britney's looks.....:badthoughts:

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Holy ****, that's nightmare inducing! I'd mentioned on another post that I enjoy reading "The Baby-Sitters Club" snarks and sometimes you'll have people sharing the old UK covers that truly look horrifying to the point where I'd probably tear the cover off on purpose if the books belonged to me. Point I'm trying to make is that wax figure could be on one of those covers. :airpls:

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53 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:





She does have her moments tho. It almost looks alive in this pic:



The reason why she looks "off" (sometimes) is because she was based on Circusney. Currentney is FFney after eyelid surgery, another nose job, smile lift and botox.


Ngl, that second got me. :airpls: Love it.

I have seen actual good versions of her wax figure (there was even a member here who grabbed some snaps with one of them that were really good, I remember the thread from a while back) that either are fantastic bases of 08ney or are the updated one, like above: but yeah, it's time to update the figure more often than not.

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