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Britney's sons were at Atlanta with Jamie Lynn.....

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2 hours ago, Winter _90 said:

She is judicially dead.

Her father does not allow her to interact with anyone.Perhaps for fear of discovering corruption or perhaps for control and possession.

This. She doesn’t have rights or choices. Jamie controls Britney’s life (where she is, what she does) and when she can have visitation. 

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It’s so crazy to me how from the outside Britney seems to have gotten worse mentally since 2016. During that time she was at their games, throwing them huge parties, taking them to Disney, the mall, and Hawaii... All over! Getting out of the house and she seemed so present. Now she seems and again this is what is presented online, distant and out of it. I genuinely feel like something is going on with Britney. Things we don’t know. 

I also think that’s from being so sheltered and isolated. Again I know nothing and am only seeing what I see from her online persona.

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