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Britney Goes to Meetings (New IG Post)

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23 minutes ago, Winter _90 said:

She's is beautiful but I'm not going to buy anything while she's in guardianship and her father,Larry and Lou, etc doesn't disappear from her life professional and personal.

This tbh :truthtea: sorry Team B, next time you definitely won't spend my money for your crap :nobitch:

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41 minutes ago, ThatWasFun said:

Interesting that she's going to a meeting and last week was that blind item about her possibly going on the road again.


I hope no one here plans to support anything until she’s out of the conservatorship. This woman has only earned 7 million since 2007 or 2008 despite all of the tours, albums, fragrances. The rest has gone to Loucifer and other users. Let’s not support that f**kery. 

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It could be a meeting with RCA Records to discuss the direction and development of the tenth studio album. 

It could be a meeting with a production company regarding a film or TV role. 

It could be a meeting with Elizabeth Arden executives to discuss new beauty lines. 

It could be a meeting with Team Britney to discuss what’s next. 

It could be a private meeting that is none of our business. 

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