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People who criticize Britney to her face

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12 hours ago, KrustyKrab said:

You don't have to imagine. This is what decades of public scrutiny for her looks has caused her to do to herself. Not trying to bash Britney in any way. But clearly all the scrutiny took a toll on her.

11 hours ago, colormelou said:

It’s so annoying she’s insecure now though it’s understandable. She was a natural beauty and one of the hottest celebrities. To watch her today act like she has to catch up to her young boyfriends looks.... smh.

Like I said, this is far more about her team keeping her in the public eye all the time than anything to do with public scrutiny.

There should have been more years filled with this like in 2010...

Than Femme Fatale or X Factor.  They should have never happened.  She was DRUGGED UP for both eras.  Of course she was gonna get work done because of her bloated appearance.  That's why she should have had more years like 2010: OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE.

"FF is when it all went wrong - the way they stifled her creativity clearly had a negative effect on her mentality and I personally theorize that they switched her meds right afterwards. Physically, you can tell they added Depakote (bi-polar/seizures) to her meds - not a great choice for a public figure/narcissist and it clearly caused hair loss and weight gain the entire era. Depakote also makes you less likely to speak. The rest of her vocal damage was probably from an anti-depressant like Venlafaxine. She either went down in milligrams or changed anti-depressants in 2014 because that side effect started disappearing. I’m actually pro-Conservatorship to some degree, but how it could be run by a family figure with no formal education instead of a panel of impartial lawyers and doctors is beyond me..."


That stupid ******* Larry Rudolph and her near worthless father should answer for their sins.  If she is to remain in the conservatorship her pathetic father shouldn't be the conservator anymore and should be replaced by an unprejudiced third party.  Can't believe that he kept being renewed as conservator despite the conflict of interest.

But again, other than the conservatorship, it's water under the bridge. LET HER LIVE HER LIFE AND HOW SHE WANTS TO PUT ON HER MAKEUP.   

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12 hours ago, zxcvb said:

Than Femme Fatale or X Factor.  They should have never happened.  She was DRUGGED UP for both eras.  Of course she was gonna get work done because of her bloated appearance.

I agree 100%. She never would have gotten work done if she didn't have to see herself on TV looking thick, bloated and tired. Personally, I don't think her eyes would have started to droop if she was not on such heavy medication. I don't think it's a coincidence that this happened in 2010 around the same time she started getting thicker and losing her personality and ability to dance. Basically, pressuring her into going back into the spotlight again before she was ready resulted in her getting her face butchered. It angers me quite a bit... :smokney:

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I wish she would deactivate the comments section on her Instagram, just like P!nk did just a couple days ago. People will be able to stay bitter and pressed behind their phones and computers because they won't be able to promote themselves, or criticize her make up, her face, her looks etc. They are pretty useless anyway in her case. She doesn't respond to her Instagram comments so may aswell deactivate them so she doesn't make the next headlines for being dragged on her Instagram because of the way she looks and it will also protect her because she did some videos about her weight, her make up, her videos being shot "today". I feel like it affects her or people in her entourage are letting her know about what is being said about her.

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