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New IG post - Britney not wearing makeup while doing cardio

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I think she has started to read comments on her insta posts as she’s picking up on things and snapping more. I personally love it it makes her more real but I don’t want to her to get hurt. I can see she’s slowly stopping the eye shadow and again with the date of vid. 

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10 hours ago, This pu$$y biteback said:

This video makes her seem so real IDK how to put it, but seeing her reference things that are being said about her is so refreshing!! Her taking seem so regular & she look good! Britney is known for being mute & like totally in her own world, its good to see her normal like this. It's the realist I seen her 

But tbh, it still makes me feel weird. Precisely because she's never paid attention to what people say about her, it feels, strange. Especially because this time it's not against the media (all the time) or a celebrity or something, but the "fans". What's more disheartening than an artist fighting against her own fans? What I mean is, she seems to be so pissed off, with us in general, and that makes me feel, weird. It makes me feel guilty despite never insulting her on Instagram or anywhere else, or attacking her family, or so.

I just can't wait for that hearing to come, and hopefully she's set free from the conservatorship so she can sort of start again with her life, and just leave behind all these sour episodes.

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