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She Should Talk to her Fans

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I get that Britney is going through a lot, but she should really communicate to her fans. It was bad enough that she seemed uninterested in the announcement of Domination, but then she canceled it, and we all know it had nothing to do with her father being sick. 

Why couldn’t she just say something like...

“I am going through a lot of personal issues and I really would to focus on them so I apologize for canceling the residency, but don’t worry. I’ll be back and this will not be the end of music for me. I just believe sometimes we need to focus on ourself so we can become stronger. I look forward to performing and releasing new music with all of you in the near future.”

Not even a thank you for trying to stand up for her or acknowledging fans who attended the court house. We have no idea if she even wants to do this anymore, and hasn’t even provided any updates on how she is as a person or her career.

There are celebrities that have lost their loved ones, but actually acknowledge their fans and show that they appreciate them even with dark times in their life. 

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It's not the moment. Britney wanted to express herself, and wanted to give her own version of her story. She wanted to give her version of the story to her fans in the past. But all she received was hate. She was never listened and gave up in some kind of way. 

As she said years later, she has nothing to prove at this point. Give the woman a break, she's fighting a lot of demons right now.

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I’d love to see her get on YouTube and just talk, for like an hour. About whatever. We always see her through some kind of filter. I wonder who she really is sometimes. Like when she’s alone just thinking and wondering to herself. Or when she’s making a smoothie, or getting in the car to buy her boys some new socks and school supplies from Target.

The last time I think we really saw Britney being Britney was during that Jonathan Ross interview. And that was forever ago and very edited. She looked so comfortable and happy. 

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She actually messaged me through Facebook the other day but I forgot to tell y'all. Here's an extract of her message, 


"I love my fans dearly and can't wait to perform for you all again!! Taking some time right now to figure out legal stuff, but November/December this year will see lots of exciting projects. And yes you're finally getting My Only Wish 2.0!!" :tiffanynod:

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