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In your heart of hearts...

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Do you think Britney will get out of this and all will be exposed???

I think she’ll get out of it but not sure how much exposing there will be- I really hope a ton since were living in times of exposure.

If she released a documentary I mean... JEEEZUS. I think that would send shockwaves worldwide 



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I think she will get out of the conservatorship, but it will be costly financially even for her. There will be bigger battles still with custody over the children and visitation rights.

As for when, I feel it will either come late this year/early next year or it wont come at all until near retirement.

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I don't think she'll ever get out of it. When Jamie dies, Lou will take over, when Lou dies Kfed will take over. It's ridiculous and wrong, but that's the world we live in. Well enough to tour the world performing on stage in front of thousands but no well enough to have a credit card - it's odd and unsettling. 


And if anyone though Team f**kery would take this lying down - just look how many people they've sued the last few months. Just look at their PR blitz and all the money they're paying TMZ and all the others. They're fighting because they can win and they will and we're nothing. :crying3:

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I don’t think she’ll get out of it. I really, really want her to but I don’t think it’s going to happen. 

I don’t see how things can continue under the conservatorship because there will be boycotts / fans turning up to concerts with Free Britney stuff, so her career under the conservatorship is effectively over. Any relationship or trust between the fan base and her team is permanently gone.

I just hope she finds a way out and lives out the rest of her life in peace and privacy away from all of the toxic people who took her youth from her 

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