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Kelly Clarkson Is Reportedly Crafting A Monster Pop Album

Jordan Miller

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Kelly Clarkson is on the way to save pop music.

We’ve been waiting for a moment like this. The Grammy award winning singer is reportedly combining pop with soul on her next album, and according to Internet buzz (never wrong), it’ll be huge.

Rumor has it Kelly’s ninth studio album will feature some superstar producers and a few bops.

There’s a particular quote is floating around the pop music corners of the web. It comes from an anonymous insider (again, never wrong) who have apparently been right about other music-related things in the past.

“They’re aggressively searching for potential hit pop songs to create a monster pop album,” they write on TapaTalk. “There have also been writing sessions here in LA over the past couple of months with some extremely talented people. Very excited about this. Expect some big producers, too. They’re trying to get most of the recordings completed (if not all) before she starts taping her new talk show. I’m guessing a late fall/winter new album release.” 

Clarkson was recently quoted as saying the new music is “as if ‘Meaning of Life,’ ‘Breakaway,’ and ‘Stronger’ had a baby…”

She added: “It’s a little bit more pop, but it’s still got the soulful stuff in there. I just was kind of in a different mood…”

I’m crying. Don’t get me wrong, Meaning Of Life is a flawless record, but I miss my guilty pleasure pop jams from Kelly.



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