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Does her relationship with Sam make anyone else cringe?

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Usually I wouldn’t give a damn about celebrity couples, but in Britney’s case with the cship everything seems so twisted.  I look at the girl from the Slave video and I can’t believe it’s the sam

I don't really take them seriously, because of the age difference. I see him as someone who she can spend time with, I doubt that he is step-daddy material. However, I do think that her sudden interes

Maybe if u ******* weren't so critical of her all the time maybe she wouldn't be so insecure.... 

3 hours ago, colormelou said:

Usually I wouldn’t give a damn about celebrity couples, but in Britney’s case with the cship everything seems so twisted. 

I look at the girl from the Slave video and I can’t believe it’s the same girl who is now pushing 40 and obsessing about her weight, dating a much younger guy and trying to be hot for him and literally saying she’s gonna give his abs a run for their money. Not to mention all the plastic surgeries she had since they got together. 

WTF? She used to be the most wanted girl in the world and so confident, it’s tragic. How has the hottest singer in the world been reduced to being a shallow cougar obsessed about weight and talking like she’s inferior to a younger nobody model? Does she even realize who she is? She’s so much better than this crap. I don’t know if she has anyone on her side (I barely trust Lynne) but someone should tell her she’s way better than this. 

Sometimes I wonder if her team didn’t choose a young model on purpose to make her feel about herself. Anything to break her down and make her feel weaker. We all know they keep feeding her wrong information (case in point her random accusations that fans were dissing her weight) just to get her riled up. 

Seriously... #freebritney. I hope she’s free and able to kick all of these monsters out of her life. 

1 hour ago, colormelou said:

Exactly. It pisses me off she’s so insecure. *** Sam and her team. Funny she’s not allowed to make any decisions, yet she’s allowed to get plastic surgery. Her team is sick in the head. 

I watched Slave on Letterman earlier. What have they done to her? 

Haven't you seen the last boyfriends she's had?????

Jason Trawick, David Lucado, Charlie Ebersol????

Did you forget she married Kevin Federline???????

None of these are even 'celebrity couples'

She has kids, her priorities have shifted.

She's been trying to live a normal life for years.



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50 minutes ago, Complication said:

She hasn't had any surgeries since her nose job in like 2013 and since then it's just botox and fillers, and she started doing that way before Sam. If anything, she's been more natural since their relationship began. :joanne:

Exactly!In 2015-2016 her face didn’t even move from all the Botox and the fillers.Since she met him she has stop the Botox and hasn’t done any surgeries.

I do think she needs some fillers tho in her face cause her natural face with awful make up is a disaster.At least if she had a less wrinkly skin the makeup wouldn’t look that bad but it’s her face and she can do whatever she wants with it as long as she is happy.

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13 minutes ago, Sparks said:

Britney has a tendency to turn into the person she is dating, which is sad. 


It's not as sad if U switch narration a bit, She chooses direction and then complementary boyfriend. 


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38 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

This is not true at all...Britney has always cared about her image and she’s always been obsessed with her body.  There’s a documentary (don’t remember for what era now) where she says she does more than a hundred pushups and she is constantly in the gym. I believe it was for the Britney album.

And of course she has no clue who the **** she is, have you seen the disgusting things her FANS say about her? They call her old, they call her raccoon eyes, they talk about her wrinkles, when she gains 1lbs, her own fans on this forum say she is pregnant...What the **** do you expect? Her fans have dehumanize her and forget she is not merely a celebrity she is a REAL BREATHING HUMAN BEING with emotions. 

The documentary was Diary. And it was 1000 situps. 

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Did you ever stop and think that maybe she’s working out more because it makes her feel better, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   It’s been “scientifically” proven that exercise and nutrition helps manage and improve depression and mood disorders.   If she is in fact off all her meds....It would make logical sense why working out and eating clean are a priority to her nowadays.  

Successful people don’t just make money.... they focus on ALL aspects of their lives....Health, Happiness, FAMILY, FRIENDS all  play a major role in finding true  happiness WITHIN  and overall  Real Success.









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He's the best looking one she's dated and I do feel like he cares about her to an extent but at the same time it seemed like they were having trouble a while back and sometimes I feel like they may be paying him secretly to stay.  I know she's older but she's still hot and has a body that's way more in shape than most women her age and even women younger than her.  I mean she's freaking Britney Spears so any man that could be with her is lucky!  I mean I know he's young but people act like he's better than her?!  I mean who the hell knew about him before her?  No one really so...:ehum:

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