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What tf happened to Womanizer music video??

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So Womanizer got crazy daily views lately!

I checked yesterday and it had like 180k in one day, and now it has 267k views in ONE DAY! It had more views today than BOMT or Toxic, and before it always had below 100k views daily. 

I was looking in comments to see if I would see many people writing that annoying stuff like 'Someone or something brought me here', but didn't see anything. 

So what do you think is the reason for this sudden popularity of Womanizer? :mj:


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who knows, maybe YouTube put it in one of those music playlists or whatever.. :decisions:

anyway, while I was looking for a possible playlist I found this playlist instead:

"Classic Videos, Fresh Look" - it features 19 MVs that got remastered in HD recently.. I know there were Exhales and Exchanges (:explainlol:) about "Wannabe" and "Bad Romance" already but there's more.. :bedtime:

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5 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

This video is literally about to hit 1K and I uploaded it like 3 days ago. It's crazy what a good title and thumbnail can do:


Omg that is you? :woopsie:

I saw it but didn't want to click on it, sorry for not making one extra view for you:cuteneylaugh:

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