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Was Glory Hole her best album?

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it depends, all of her "actually good" albums have their own charm so it's hard to be objective.. depends on what you're into.. :) we can however agree on "Glory" being really freakin' good: she showed so much personality, her vocals were amazing and dynamic, the songs covered a very wide variety of genres, sounds, moods and concepts.. it's a shame that the era itself wasn't as triumphant as it should've been with such a great album and especially - album title.. it should have been "Glorious".. :howiroll:

ugh, can we pretend:



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Well, no, it's not the best, but it's one of her best. It's in my top 3, in fact (the 2 better ones should be obvious).

But, yes, I do agree, every song on the album slays. Let's have a look at it:

  • "Invitation" and "Make Me..." are the type of songs we haven't seen Brinni do since In The Zone.
  • "Do You Wanna Come Over?" is simply an interesting song.
  • The album has a handful of bops, like "Better" or "Hard To Forget Ya".
  • "Slumber Party" is a reggae and R&B track. We haven't seen B do a reggae track since... "The Hook Up", I think.
  • "Liar" and "What You Need" show Brit's ability to sing and her powerful vocals

So, yeah... Glory is a great and diverse album that should've really been successful and it's a shame that it wasn't. What's also surprising is that she managed to put together such a good album while also doing a residency. The last time she attempted doing something similar was Britney Jean, and I think we all know how that turned out. :eheeek:

All in all, Glory is an amazing album, but not her best. :heresthetea:

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I'd say yes tbh, I caught myself wondering the same earlier this week. It surely is if you consider its quality x the time into her career it came out. Even though it came amidst the cship and a Vegas residency, it doesn't sound rushed at all (except for the demo song DWYCO that accidentally made it to the final tracklist), and it feels handcrafted, in the sense that there are almost no filler songs, each song has careful details and production added to it, not adolescent cheap lyrics. Baby,Oops,Britney,Femme Fatale and BJ can't relate at all :mhm: 

I think the reason many people will say no, and will prefer ITZ or Blackout is the fact they have the only thing Glory really lacked: smash hits / classics. Glory doesn't have its own Toxic, or its Gimme More / Break The Ice, its Work *****, not exactly speaking of uptempo songs, but songs that had the power to become instant classics and that everyone will be longing to hear on a Britney concert. I guess that's the price to pay for a more mature, extremely cohesive work tbh :verycool:


Also I became a fan after watching her on BBMA2016, and I have very fond memories of Glory coming out, and buying the album and stuff, so my opinion might be a tad biased :giggleney: 


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10 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

Funny, I listened to the album again the other day while cleaning my apartment and I realized I can just let it play and not skip a single song. It's so amazingly diverse and yet cohesive, and it showcases how multi-faceted Britney is:

  • We get InTheZoneney (Invitation, Do You Wanna Come Over?, Make Me, Just Luv Me, Mood Ring)
  • Currentney/2016ney (Man on the Moon, Slumber Party, Just Like Me, Hard to Forget Ya)
  • Gospelney (Clumsy)
  • Vocal Powerhouseney (Private Show, What You Need)
  • 90sney (Liar)
  • Foreignney (CYM, Coupure Électrique)
  • Danceney (Love Me Down, If I'm Dancing, Better)

The majority of the songs still sound fresh & current. I will never understand why she didn't promote the album more. POM should've been altered and revamped as both Greatest Hits compilation & Glory tour with songs like Love Me Down, Just Luv Me, Clumsy, Hard to Forget Ya, Private Show/What You Need added to the set list.  

I mean with what we know now, I can understand why. Why would you work your *** off just so all your hard earned cash goes to people sitting on their bums with your whole life at their fingertips.

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