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Perez Hilton Posts Video About Britney's Life And Conservatorship

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2 minutes ago, Shadow2003 said:

Honestly, I haven't been up-to-date with #FreeBritney for a long time, but I just don't know what to think of this whole thing anymore. :disappointed:

I guess I need to go over the whole, entire thing in my spare time. :disappointed:

But I'd like to point out two things in this video:

1. So, apparently, if the conservatorship were to be dissolved now, there is a high chance Britney could die.

I think that would kinda show a bit of incompetence, since they kept her in a c-ship for 11 years, and yet they still haven't solved the problem of a possibility of her dying / killing herself.

2. Perez brought up the fact that he offered Britney to do an interview (I'm not sure if he meant one with him or someone else), and her  management's response was: "She's not capable."

So, you're telling me that since 2007 / '08, Brit has done countless interviews about all sorts of topics, from her family life to tours to new music, but now that a more personal interview is offered, she's somehow unable to.

Keep in mind, according to Perez, nobody ever said that she's not interested due to it being too personal, or something like that, it was said she's downright incapable.

I don't know, seems kinda sketchy to me. :sickofu:

it is just bullshit

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The "she's not capable" comment could be made for various reasons that don't mean mentally.  She could not be capable of sitting there and that pig because they aren't ever going to subject her to that.  She's capably not able to be present, because they're not going to let her.  He would just twist it anyways - just like the "she's not capable" comment.  So bullet dodged.

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13 minutes ago, ralphcornio said:

For the sake of getting myself more fed up and upset I went through the whole thing. I call bullshit on 100% of it, I hardly doubt he knows anything or has any sources, or knows anything else that we can't find on this very forum. It's SO biased, favoring Team Cship, it will make you wanna puke. His whole narrative is to try and convince viewers that:

  • Lynne Spears was an opportunist, that was away from Britney's life, and saw in the #FreeBritney movement an opportunity to get back in, by promising her to free her from her dad's (Lou's actually) claws, playing "the good parent".
  • That the conservatorship is a good thing, that everyone that knows her agrees on that, and agrees that she'd be dead without it
  • That Lou and Larry are innocent, not part of the cship, doesn't have any influence on anything other than her career
  • Tries to discredit all Sam Lufti said by bringing up his other cases / restraining orders
  • Saying that she is not capable, she can't do a tell all interview



It's trashy trash, I tell you all.

Everything he tries to say is the opposite that we “want” to hear. Like he tries to change the sides of the story :ririshade1:


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Team c-ship now sponsors Perez. Not surprising considering the **** he has talked about Britney the last 15 years. 

It’s the usual abuse and fear tactics. She will die without them. No.. no she won’t. Let her be free and choose the people she wants in her life and management. Because clearly it won’t be Jamie,  Lou and larry. :hiii:

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Consider the source :sofedup:

And consider his "sources"; people who directly benefit from Britney being under the c-ship. I watched the whole thing and it's trash. The sad thing is this is swaying public perception of her because people will take it as truth. He talks to everyone around her but her, and of course everyone around her is right about her life and she's not...

Even if all this is true, who is ANYONE to decide what is best for someone else. Everyone should be able to make their own choices. If those choices are detrimental to her (which I highly doubt they would be because she loves her kids too much to let anything bad truly happen to herself) then so be it. As an adult in the United States, she has the right to be free and live as she chooses. The fact that there is a huge machine of people keeping her from that is disgusting.

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The fact that anyone can watch her instagram videos and think 'that is a perfectly functioning adult' is beyond me. It's pretty clear there is something wrong with her, and the more these bored *** fans push the bigger of a chance something is going to happen proving it. The fans are honestly being more invasive than the paparazzi at this point.

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