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Slave for you is Britney's Best single and here's why.

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6 minutes ago, AmorProhibido said:

Okay first of all let me just say, your avatar is gorgeous. Under The Cherry Moon is an underrated classic.

Second, when I said he was f**ked in the head, I meant with his religion. Even during the Symbol era, Prince was writing Slave on his face and changing his name for the right reason. He lost it after he became a Jehovah's Witness and abandoned Mayte for that Testolini *****. :endit:

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I have a soft spot for Mayte in case you couldn't tell :raven::jj:


I adore him :plzney: Under The Cherry Moon is amazing, alot of what Prince did was underrated  :yasqueen:

Also I was just playing girl, i agree with you on the religion, he truely was something else :kyliecry:


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