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britney posts a google pic of a music sheet and flowers

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14 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

So now there's only "Yes" but no downvote, another day another (ex)change :shameless:

A c t u a l l y , now, instead of "Upvote" and "Downvote", you have "YES!" and "NO...". When you hover your mouse over / tap on the reaction button, you should have a choice between "YES!" and "NO...".

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13 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

there's claps and heartbreaks , i feel like I'm in a taylor swift music video lol



the heartbreaks weren't showing to me earlier though, still don't understand the difference between that and the blow up feature.


I understand he's trying to be coo, and although it serves the same purpose, I don't get the same feeling by "clapping" or giving "heartbreaks" than simply liking or disliking a post. 

Maybe I'm just too visual, but before I could downvote a comment because it made me angry, or beacuase I didn't agree, but this broken heart icon doesn't represent to me that, it makes my brain feel like I can only give that reaction to something that really affects me personally, or that makes me sad. And so the clap, it's more like praising, which seems too much for just agreeing with something, but I guess that's closer to the upvote.

 I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

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