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Britney Wears Many Hats: New Instagram Video

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Am I the only one who gets angry at all those nasty comments? It wasn't like this 2 or 3 months ago and now suddenly in every IG post I see so many rude comments calling her crazy because ... ? "She sounds weird" "She lost her mind" "Someone wash her face please" are the most liked comments. It's disgusting. Britney can't post anything without people calling her names :(

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30 minutes ago, C0CKy said:

The emojis make it sound like she’s being sarcastic about having “so much fun” but ok werk. :bop:

Hotel be like; She's getting hats in here :pleaseshhh:  

2 minutes ago, TripToYourLove<3 said:

I love her but UGH I want to wash her hair so bad and comb it and put it in a cute little ponytail 

Wash yourself. :tiffeyeroll:

Her hair look better than straight from salon  :lemmetellu: 

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41 minutes ago, princessmimi said:

jesus she looks old with the forehead lines and panda makeup.

I swear if I didnt know who she was or her age, I'd think she was in her 50s! Heck even my mom looks younger than her and she's 55!

But thats what smoking addiction does to you, I guess

People age as they grow

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