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Predict Her Next Career Move(s)

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"OK guys so you may be surprised or even shocked to hear my new project but I've decided to enter the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I'll be taking part in two events - the gymnastics and the 100m swim." :tiffanynod:


"Great news everyone! So as you know I've always been the biggest fan of chat shows and from November 2019 I'll be hosting my very own show. It'll be like Oprah meets SNL with lots of fun sketches and celeb guests. I'm such a big talker so it'll be very very cool." :gimmemoar:


"My new project is a movie called Snaparazzi. It's made by the genius people behind Sharknado and it's a comedy based on the Paparazzi. After years of being followed, I can't wait to have some fun and get my own back!!" :mhmnod:


"So I'm retiring. #TheyFinallyLetMe" :airpls:

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but for real 


I predict that she will stay in the same situation from now until September with her posting on Instagram plenty, but not doing any real career moves. Then in September I think the FreeBritney Movement will have a revival and grow strong again, and then it could go two ways either she gets out and is free to do whatever she wants, or she gets stuck in and we continue to get half assed productions and albums. I think if she gets out though we could get a new single in early 2020, but we could maybe get some red carpets later this year, maybe the AMAs or something. 

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Retirement for a few years.

I hope she gets out of the c-ship, takes a long break and then comes back when she has truly missed it and comes back inspired to record new music and I think she will give us one of her best albums again like ITZ and Blackout. If she doesn't get out of the c-ship, I think she will continue to be forced to work and her career will continue to go downhill. All they care about is money. Britney is a legend and always will be. She can take years off and disappear and the minute she announces a comeback it will be huge.

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i don't think it's wise for her to jump into another album without addressing this year and the cship if she's released from it. she needs to lay low for 6 months or the entire 2020, write a memoir telling her view and side of things plus a press round on all the morning/primetime shows before any more music or else its just circus era 2.0

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I just miss her. I hope the trial goes well and something is gained from it if not her complete freedom, at least a major step toward that. Then hopefully she can release her next album and perform again any way she wants to. I’m glad she’s taking time off for herself in the mean time though the past 6 months has been a good break for her just for her own self focus 

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She will have some new music, I don't see her retiring. If she was to retire why even post on Insta? She is keeping our attention for a reason. 

I don't see us getting Primeney back, but I think we will see her have more interest in her career if she is able to be in charge more. I think Glory was a small taste of that. 

I would like to see a proper era, but will her vision be something we will like? That is my question....

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