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I much prefer current, dorky, awkward usual Britney to this

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She looks sooo nervous, here. I totally forgot that they were this strict, like let the girl get **** in peace. It sounds sad :/ I’m happy she seems to be much happier with Sam and in life in general. Don’t Get me wrong, I wish she’d go back to How she used to be and was more bubbly and energetic the whole time, but she’s matured a lot. I just hope the cship hearings in september go well tbh. 


People here give Britney so much crap for not being a certain way. Too weird or whatever, but they forget Britney has been in a veeeery bad place for a long time. This fanbase sucks sometimes. She has also been dorky throughout her life as we have seen it so like the cringe isn’t new... wanted to share a positive post since people are so negative


she’s so precious.

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2 minutes ago, WhatYouNeed said:

I actually think she looks pretty relaxed here :weusay:

plus look at her perfectly botoxed 2013 face, gorgeous.

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How did her team allow this to air though? 


I think her hands gave me that impresssion but you might be right.

the same who cut daddy issues out aired this tfTF

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I love her quirky awkward videos and posts that she does now!  It shows her personality which we never get to see anymore.  If you look back at old videos she was always silly and funny back in the day.  I still think she hides a lot of who she is and maybe her acting nervous and a bit stiff in some of the videos is because everyone judges her for everything she does so now she's probably a little more careful about putting her entire self out there.  :bigtime:

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todays videos do not resemble e 40 year old woman, rather a 16 smth girl.

I get that she is funny, awkward, shy but this is really too muxh for me.

Look at her peers beyonce j lo christina shakira mandy more if you know a thing or two of them they are all shy, private people and are today 2000 light years ahead of brtney when it used to be the other way around


ready for downvotes:evilpatrick:


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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

I don’t find anything weird in the video. Doing interviews and posting videos on Instagram are totally different things. 

I think the videos annoy ppl because they aren’t what ppl want to see. 

I think people have this idealized version of Britney who is Barbie or something. Always perky, speaks in a baby voice, and looking flawless a la primeney. I also have a feeling that probably explains why she sometimes have this “staged” persona either it’s because she’s with Sam who is younger so she is propelled to act younger to be at his level (I think we all know she takes on her bfs characteristics) or her team is trying make her appeal to the younger generation and...gays (I can definitely hear Larry proposing this) 

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