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New Instagram Video: Britney twirls for the haters

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6 hours ago, brintyjoan said:

She didn't dnt brush her hair for the haters... :jj:


6 hours ago, BRSM_jl said:

Her hair :hideous:


5 hours ago, WhatYouNeed said:

her new hair lasted one day lmaooo kiss.gif

I dont get why people whine on her hair? I mean am i the only see her hair looks good and normal? Whats wrong with her hair? Whats wrong with her wavy hair? What is the definition of good hair for you guys? Seriously, i dont get it. Must it be straight hair only considered as good hair? 

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6 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

As always, I open a thread excited to comment and see how other people love it as well, but nope...Just people hating on her and criticizing her looks. How typical of Exhale.

Same, i mean i thought she looks good but then i see some complained about her hair on her instagram and here. I dont get it. Her hair looks good. Why people trying to fix her hair when its already looks good. Its not like her hair now looking like this


If it looks like this in the post, then i agree, she needs to fix her hair, but i dont see her hair like this in the post, so why people keep on saying her hair need fixing?

Enlighten me please, what makes people say her hair needs fixing. @BRSM_jl @brintyjoan @WhatYouNeed 

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4 hours ago, Jimbo said:

IMO she needs her people to not let her have access to her Instagram. This is so cringe. Everyone is beginning to think she is crazy again. She’s taking 10 steps back.

The GP thinks she's crazy since 2006. :whatitellu: Most of them will still think that even after her death.

Let her be herself ;)


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6 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

I just hope she decides to abandon the panda eye / raccoon look for good one day and never goes back to it.

Brinny, all you need is a mascara. Literally. Don't ruin your face with that pitch black eye shadow. I wish she had access to YouTube so she could watch some makeup tutorials. It's not that hard, all she needs is to learn the ABCs, the fundamentals, and sometimes less is more... especially in her case.

She should hang out with Kim K, her makeup is always on point! Or Rihanna

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10 hours ago, WhatYouNeed said:

let's drink each time you said FIX 

I just said her gorgeous hair lasted one day, luv. Are you ok? kiss.gif


anyways, looks like the twirl video is old. thank god 


Yeah, i didnt said you specifically saying Fix, what i want to understand is why people still whine about her hair. It still looks good. Thats why i tagged another exhalers who commented about her hair generally.

Now can you enlighten me why some people say her hair looks bad?

And i dont see any difference from her "gorgeous" hair u mentioned from the post before than her hair in the said post. 


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8 hours ago, WhatYouNeed said:

it looks like it hasn't been washed in weeks, luv :puke:

baby girl needs some conditioner and a new hair brush

I mean is it really that bad? And i wonder how people can assume that she didnt brush or wash her hair? 

Probably she brush her hair and  wash her hair, but what's the line or the clue that makes people assume she didnt brush or wash her hair?

Can you do the comparison pictures between brushed & washed of her hair and when it looked like she didnt brush/wash her hair pictures?

Because yes, i want to know what makes most people on her instagram making jokes about her hair. 

Because all i see is just good wavy hair. 

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