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Best Britney song alphabet wise- Part 1

Pick the best song for each alphabet  

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Got the idea for this while I was battling my early-life crisis in the shower today morning. Thought this game would be fun :forkit:

Here are my picks:

A - Alien :yasqueen: Hate on BJ all you want but the song is beautiful and probably the best given the choices we have.

B - ...Baby One More Time :brityes: very difficult pick, didn't realize she had so many songs with B.

C - Crazy by Kevin Federline ft. Britney Spears Criminal :kyliecry: Been obsessed with FF lately and Criminal is my favourite from it.


Feel free to share your picks and await the other parts patiently :cutebrit:


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On 6/18/2019 at 10:17 PM, falka said:

Amnesia and :canthandleit: indecisive further. I think it's medically correct :queenflopga:


"Medically" correct?

Image result for Suspicious doctor


Anyway, I voted for:

A - "Anticipating"

It's a very cute and fun disco track that's one of my favourites off of Britney. This was a very easy choice. :tbh:

B - "Break The Ice"

It's just a great song! Energetic and possibly even powerful production that still sounds very fresh, as well as seductive and fitting vocals. There are many more great songs starting with the letter "B", though.

C - "Circus"

Amazing electropop production and a great video. It also always had very good performances. Once again, a pretty easy pick. :tbh:


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14 minutes ago, princessmimi said:

my list is just like yours only I picked Born To Make You Happy instead of BOMT

I was in between those 2 but ultimately BOMT is bigger in my book of preference

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10 minutes ago, Shadow2003 said:



Girl. G I R L .  (I should refer to you as "boy", but whatever) :tiffsniffle:

Where is miss American Dream since she was 17's best song?! :selena:

I demand to speak to the manager that you

anyone now taylor swift speak now font? - forum | dafont.com

...and provide me with a satisfying answer. :lemmetellu:

Umm :awks:

I mean you didn't have to make the wordings in images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSMk2_yZr1JKXZzdJQh3Fd to scream at me :yeahhh:

I feel so embarrassed :embarrassed: Like I just lost all of my images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7AM5T7CsLAp-aMkID734 In the forum :janet:


Okay I've thought about it, new rule for these polls: Pepsi songs, Unreleased songs and Remix album songs are not to be included :eeek:

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