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A nice thread for Britney if she ever scrolls through Exhell

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2 hours ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I don’t know how people could ever think she was/is a bad mother. It’s clear to see that she loves and would sacrifice anything for her kids.

she was never a bad mom just irresponsible. (running a red light with her kids in her car..)

this is what made the GP think she was bad



Im so glad that time is over and was replaced by happy family covers.

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Omg I haven't seen most of these pics. They are so beautiful and precious. I miss that genuine smile. :crying3:

Most of the pics on here and news sites or TMZ are so negative, but no one focuses on these (which is actually probably most of the time when she's with her kids).

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2 hours ago, princessmimi said:

Same! Its just so sad to see pics when she was pregnant and married since she was so happy and then knowing what was to come is just awful. It's like her fairytale life fell apart and THATS why she had her meltdown! :(


She married a complete idiot after 3 months of dating. Her friends and family warned her and she didnt listen.  It was never going to end well and Im sure part of her meltdown was dealing with how naive and dumb she was for thinking it would. :mhm:

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