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Breaking News - Britney Spears Gets Permanent Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Lutfi


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iit just seems they're flogging this dead horse of a bad guy for preying on her vulnerability when they are also capitalizing on her vulnerability and profitability....

the best defence is a good offence, eh Team B? enough Is enough. #FREEBRITNEY 

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3 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

He is no angel but his intentions were never to take over the conservatorship but rather to expose the conservatorship...Completely absurd that he is not allowed to make comments about her though

You must have missed the word disparaging...

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1 minute ago, CuriousaboutBrit said:

Wow. A mess. People here will drag Britney but defend Sam.

Bullsh*t, you've seen me defend Britney lately, let's not act like you haven't. I'm not defending Sam, I don't care about Sam one bit. Sam is the past, and that's where Sam should stay. I'm dragging James Parnell Spears, who revealed today that his relationship with his daughter is strained after being asked point blank by a lawyer about it, and refusing to answer when he was asked whether he was still an alcoholic or not. I do not like him. I do not like Team C Ship. I think this is a cheap move to place the blame on an easy target.

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Part of me wonders if Sam threw himself under the bus by reaching out to the family/being so outspoken on Twitter in order to get in front of Judge Brenda and present whatever evidence he had to help Britney get free. Obviously he knew Jamie would take action when he did those things, and I can’t imagine any other way that he’d be able to get into that court room other than for a restraining order hearing. I’m most likely living in fairy tale land, but the fact that the hearing had been extended to today in the first place leads me to believe that there was a LOTTT of ground covered. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t believe Jamie ever would have been granted the conservatorship if it weren’t for Sam’s place in Britney’s life in 2007/2008. However, something inside me really wanted to believe over the past couple months that this was his time to make things right :kyliecry:

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1 hour ago, Brat2017 said:

I’m still so confused what happened between 2003-2007 and how she met any of these people and also her Dad taking over everything.  

She fired everyone, cut off her family, got married twice, got divorced twice, had two children back to back with K-Fed.... Then she partied for a bit and met these crazies whilst doing so. Lost custody. Skipped court dates. 

With no guidance.

That’s the whole reason a court would say she’s infact in need of a conservatorship. Aside from her mental illness which is undisclosed.

Get it now?

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3 hours ago, CuriousaboutBrit said:

Wow. A mess. People here will drag Britney but defend Sam.

I think those are the same people that liked 2006 , thought it was wild , fun and like a rolercoaster but in the meantime she was struggling personally and professionally and people around her took every chance to take advantage of her. 

When sam stepped into the picture she was officially going bankrupted . 

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8 hours ago, IconicShow said:

There has never been any evidence of Sam ever drugging Britney, your statement is just going off of Lynne's tale.

If this was the case wouldn't they have tried to get him arrested?

On top of that wasn't it Britney who recently just told the judge her father forced her into a mental facility and forced meds on her?

Let's be very clear that hasn't been any evidence to support a lot of Lynne and Jamie's statements on him.

You right it's no hardcore evidence on him, but sis was you alive during the times they were together? Anybody could see he didn't have her best interest at heart. He love the attention he was getting he pretty much thought he was the king of LA. In the state Britney was in sometimes, a true friend wouldn’t have let her embarrass herself like he did. Please don’t forget the episode when he had her crying sitting on the curb outside the gates of her house. Sam will never be a good guy in this situation & I don’t feel sorry for him.

He’s one of the reason she’s in this conservatorship in the first place 

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Really? The judge asked Jamie if he had a alcoholism problem and the attorney wanted to know what the relevance of the question is? Hallo? He is the conservator of wealthy famous Miss Britney Spears... it should MATTER A LOT!!! :wontcry:


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2 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

Ok... so a witness to a blackmail case... I just don't understand how the courts can silence a witness.  I hope all the info he has from those days has been turned in to the courts.

Are you dumb? How is he’s a witness he’s soliciting money and trying to bribe these people!! He knows nothing of Britney current situation 08 was so long ago & at the time this conservatorship was needed 

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