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The recent drama is a social media problem in general than anything about Britney

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I posted these clips in another thread but felt it deserves its own topic. 

All the pathetic comments about her 'stability' or her 'make-up' or 'looks' is a negative symptom of social media in general which isn't exclusive to Britney at all.  Just take a look at these clips from other celebs (from a following generation AND from her generation) from this past year and what they have to say about social media:



So the real issue is the lack of transparency with her team (as well as impeding her artistic autonomy this late in her career as evidenced by David Lachapelle/ Make Me video) 

She rightfully hates the media, but her team's lack of transparency has also clouded fan's perception of her at times. 

I believe she will get back to her career (probably another album) once all this stuff dies down.  But she should just focus on her happiness family/boyfriend away from the spotlight.

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2 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

Look at the Kardashians. They've mastered the usage of social media.

But arguably a huge difference between the Kardashians is that people like the names in the OP were famous before social media or had some type of career before social media.

The Kardashians did not.  How could they actually ruin their reputations any further from their actual origins of fame?

But in terms of her music career, it's obvious Britney will get to 10 albums.

PInk released her latest album and while it went to number 1, it didn't really sell much and her single didn't go top 40.

Britney at this point only needs to be doing things at her pace.

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Exactly . Everyone has a major problem with social media i mean iggy's career ended by sociwl media single handedly. But i think Britney's tougher than all those celebs , i mean pink crying? Really? 

Britney cried back then when she was PARTIALLY wrong for some things and it was on the news every where . 

I think right now Britney's embracing social media. It seems like she's having fun regardless of what we all say.  She's free for the first time so she just can't believe it.

Some celebrities need to understand something though , you're famous for a living. And people judge your work constantly, so how about you post more about your actual work and let people fight over it rather than posting a picture of you eating dinner etc? There needs to be a mystery surrounding them.  And that way your work gets more exposure. 

I don't even get normal people that just keep posting about themselves , everything you post is LITERALLY on some else's device now. Isn't that scary? Times that by 104 million which are selena's followers or 50 million on twitter that are Britney's twitter followers , it's insane really. 

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