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New Britney Blind - Possible Retirement

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44 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

No judge is going to hand over custody so soon after she has been deemed mentally unfit to do anything for the last 10 years. It’s not that easy. By the time she has a case they boys will be 18 already. She might get more time but never full custody. 

She s going through an evaluation

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1 hour ago, PZHSB said:

Vegas is done. I can promise they’re working on getting her released from her contract right now because they’re shopping new artists at the moment.

She doesn’t hand make her perfumes. She doesn’t even do photo shoots for them. They use her name and image. Elizabeth Taylor’s perfumes are still going strong and she’s long dead. 

42 minutes ago, chizwhiz said:

Pretty sure the EA contract is nearly up.  Shes done over 20 editions, not many more to go.  They were releasing perfumes like ‘believe’ when Britney had obviously no say in them at all. What makes you think they can’t do that again.

also we know britney has anxiety, it’s very unlikely she is going to want to return to a stage after all this, an alternatively how can her team market a show when the team have all been uncovered lying. I cannot see her coming back for a while


But Britney is basically right behind Elizabeth Taylor.  Fantasy is just like White Diamonds, both selling strong despite the licencee's diminishing relevance.  (Britney is supposed to get a commission and a guaranteed fixed fee. Don't know what her father/Larry/Lou get if anything but still, she is supposed to be getting paid.)

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19 hours ago, summer2summer said:

So you , me fans and the public can scrutinize her every little action under a microscope? 

Im just saying she owes us nothing. 

I get your point now and realise that it comes from a good place. I take back saying you're part of the problem!

The issue is that she wants to be a normal person. She shouldn't have to hide away and 'lay low' in order to achieve inner peace, it's f**ked up and it makes me mad. She's literally just a normal person and it's bizarre how people (including supposed fans) will go out of their way to decipher everything she does instead of just enjoying her authenticity as a person and letting her be.

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Doubtful she'd retire altogether, but I'm not opposed to the idea. I would love to see Britney have her ranch, like she's talked about. Also, people come out of retirement all the time. As long as she's 100% invested in what she's doing, there will always be an audience waiting to see what she does next (professionally). 

But with the c-ship no longer restricting her civil rights, who's to say she can't get married, have a another kid and live far far away from Hollywood? She's been telling us for years that's what she wants, what she really really wants.

Do it Brit! Just keep us in the loop every now then, let us know you're okay. 

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21 hours ago, Dollyg said:

She doesn’t even get to see them a lot. You thinks she can go for custody? They don’t live with her 

this makes me f**kin angry how people twisted her motherhood, the ones closet to her

could you imagine the impact pn herself? she basically didn't live her motherhood bc she was always surrounded by drama... 

girl always dreamed to have a beautiful marriage and kids and they took em all of her, all of her dreams. 

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I just want Britney to do what Britney wants to do. I don’t believe she’ll ever stop doing her thing though cuz she’s such a creative person and art is important to her, in many ways. I just don’t want her to be pressured into anything. Like for Glory, I felt it was a lot of herself and her input. Her presence was felt on the record! So we’ll see what the future holds. I’m just scared Britney might have had it with all the drama and scrutiny in her life.

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On 6/12/2019 at 3:42 AM, summer2summer said:

Good. Her social media needs to be either shut or managed by record label. 

She needs to lay low and travel the world to seek mental health therapy for a few years. 

Why are yall being so dramatic about her socials. People like Miley Cyrus post a lot more intense stuff than shes done the last few weeks and no one calls her insane and helpless like yall do

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On 6/12/2019 at 1:53 AM, BethanyJerome said:

Good. Give her back all those years that were stolen from her.

Good job Britney, your wish will be granted.

Those horses and ranch are waiting for you. :likethat:

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know it's a blind item, but gotta stay positive



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On 6/12/2019 at 1:42 AM, summer2summer said:

Good. Her social media needs to be either shut or managed by record label. 

She needs to lay low and travel the world to seek mental health therapy for a few years. 




On a britney spears stan forum

In the midst of the free britney movement to raise awareness of the freedom this woman lacks 



Youre suggesting they silence her further and take away her freedom to post things online which everyone else on earth is free to do.

 Ok sounds good!

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