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Does Britney ignore Botox and “dress under” in an attempt to stay out of the news?


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Let’s not forget Britney had a meltdown. There’s no denying 2007 happened and of course there were many factors which contributed to that, however she did go mentally insane. 

Pretty much after that she lost pride in herself. She stopped dressing and really just stopped giving a **** about her “image”. She literally dresses up nicely once in like 3 years. She really has no sense of style and that’s not me being horrible but the clothes she wears now are horrendous unless she’s being professionally styled. 

Britney is broken and needs a lot of therapy. I’m not sure she’ll ever fully come back. She’s been broken down too much over the years and it’s sad but true.

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20 hours ago, ClaudiaDC said:

She doesn’t have a good taste when it comes to clothes and this makes her unstable? Are you crazy? Omg this fanbase is weird. 

 I think what the person ( @MeAgainstTheMusic_ ) might mean is that she stopped taking care of herself after the big trauma that was her divorce. And I kind of agree.

There's a lot of articles about lack of personal grooming, hygiene and self-care being associated with mental health issues as well. I'm not saying that is Britney's case, but I always found a bit unsettling that someone like her doesn't wash her hair or face properly - and this has been noticeable from 2004 onwards.

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I, like Britney, make too many facial expressions, I get Botox for that!  The little skinny wrinkles I do have + retinol regime fade when they’re “paralyzed”.  She looks a lil rough, even with new hair. 


Hasn’t she had Botox before? She’s usually tight in the face when she’s working. I know the MV’s (Like Work *****) don’t count, that’s usually CGI. 

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11 hours ago, ClaudiaDC said:

She doesn’t have a good taste when it comes to clothes and this makes her unstable? Are you crazy? Omg this fanbase is weird. 

No it doesn’t make her crazy but she once took pride in her appearance and now she goes out with her hair all over the place, not looking presentable and if it’s not bad enough she’s always got someone with her so it looks like Sam has taken his mum out as her carer for the day. 

Look you can pretend she’s fine and live in fantasy land but the bottom line is - she does herself no favours by the way she dresses and presents herself. End of

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5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

Britney has always had phases of caring and not caring. Its just more noticeable with her because she doesnt have great fasion of makeup taste and doesnt brush her hair.

2003 she cared mostly


2004 she didnt give a **** most of the time




2004 the year the mental instabilities started to come around.... 

Mental health has a massive impact on how you see yourself. Her style is a true reflection of how she is feeling on the inside - a disaster. 

I sound like such a hater but honestly all I want is for her to find good people around her and get to a really good place mentally and physically. Somewhere where she is 100% happy.

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On 6/12/2019 at 1:55 AM, briteen said:

I honestly think she is one of those people who is just oblivious to some things and probably doesn't even realize she has forehead wrinkles. I bet she thinks the panda eyes look beautiful, and doesn't want to waste money on a makeup artist when she can just do it herself!

well, she already is handed a lot of things, she basically lives in a bubble, and she's not working, let her do her own make up, we know when she's working she hires professionals but let her do her own make up


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