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Hats off to Team Britney/Conservatorship!

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5 hours ago, PieceofBritney said:

I cringe when I watch Jlo trying to be up to date with how “cool” people act on instagram. Instead of following trends Britney is being herself. 

Haha oh geez. How has J.Lo been acting on Instagram lately? I deleted my account months ago.

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They gave her control of her own social media, allowing her to post and speak out freely... thus proving their point: she's mentally unstable. she behaves like an insecure, erratic 12 yr old, wtf.

And yet, they still haven't proven ours wrong, which is that she can be mentally unstable and still not require a conservatorship, which is for those in a vegatitive, comatose state, or too far gone t

Nicki Minaj is responding to criticism and even getting way angrier about little things than Britney yet she doesn't need a conservatorship or is called mentally unstable for example, but a headstrong




I can not believe how dumb people are on here! You know you people are partially the reason she is in a C-ship by calling her crazy all the time. Just because someone is posting on social media doesn't make them crazy. Her behaviour is not erratic whatsoever. If anything her behaviour is understandable. What would you do if you were in jail for 10 years and get out? You go sit in your house between 4 walls an a roof?

She is just expressing herself. Lots of other artists post actuall crazy offensive and dumb **** and they get praised for being cool or speaking out. Get a f**king life!

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For a bunch of people that pick apart literally everything she does, right down to what emojis she’s used, you sure are judgemental on what is and what is not mental instability :tifflmao: 

What she posts on insta now? Really? You wanted her to post whatever she wants, now she does (allegedly) and it’s too weird for you. Maybe she should curate her image more like the insta thots? Oh wait, no. That would mean she’s forced or robotney. 

The woman can never win. 

She’s just a regular weirdo like the rest of us. Deal with it :bedtime:

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Might I freak ya out, 'magine if I work ya out 😛

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4 hours ago, Antoine said:

My god. You are such an awful awful person. 


I hope to god you are some young, idiotic, clueless ***** because that can only mean there’s some hope you can become better with time.


here’s a tip you wanker, posting silly/odd things on social media is f**king normal, it’s not a sign of mental instability or that someone should be placed under a conservatorship. 






A- she literally has never posted any type of content like this before so it could be completely new to her as well and a learning experience 

B- none of us really know who she truly is behind the spotlight and the tight controlled image her team has been shoving down our throats for years; meaning her quirks, her sense of humor, her references, we don’t know anything

C- britney might appear to be dumb at times and saying “odd” things but It’s just because we don’t have the complete story. Like the “go to the light and see Jesus” video which now after 10+ years later we learn it might have had something to do with that other *****.


now log off and don’t come back please.

Oh my god, what if the “Go into the light and see Jesus” ***** she was talking about in that X17 video was Lou(cifer)?:airpls:

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Oh please . Madonna posts photos of her hair armpit and has rapper grillz and she's 70 something. 


This is how Britney is like . She's sugary and girly. And a woman who acts "girly" nowadays is judged , it's all about women whom are "outspoken" and loud and speak firmly. At this point you're just bullying her. 

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She is obviously in a manic episode or maybe the new meds have her hyper.:(

We should pray for her and hope she gets her medication straight and spends more time with her kids and less with that fame-hungry nanny-boyfriend of hers.

Rooting for you, Britney :crying2:

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6 hours ago, Hestia said:

She is obviously in a manic episode or maybe the new meds have her hyper.:(

We should pray for her and hope she gets her medication straight and spends more time with her kids and less with that fame-hungry nanny-boyfriend of hers.

Rooting for you, Britney :crying2:


Stop it and get some help you insufferable troll! 


You need to go to the light and see Jesus!

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What bothers me about these post is that some people think she's the issue when in reality she just doesn't fit your (standards). Not everyone has to like everyone. Maybe this is the real her and if you just dont care for it, that's fine. Move on. I'm sure she has lots of people who love her just the way she is. 

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4 hours ago, Antoine said:


Stop it and get some help you insufferable troll! 


You need to go to the light and see Jesus!

I don't know what's worse...

so called fans who use anything she says and troll her subtley (omg yassss skinny as a needley queen, suuure, Needleney)

or the rest who pretend there's nothing wrong with her. Enablers.:bthink:

you remind me of the same kind of immature fans who loved Britney's "naughty, fun" 2007 attitude up until the 5150 psychiatric hold episode.


disgusting. :ririshade2:

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On 6/11/2019 at 6:59 PM, Novaaa said:

Oh no, she's being cringey! Let's lock her up, medicate her, and take away her fundamental human rights!!! :wow:

Please. She's always been awkward and cringey when not being Britney Spears™.

These are the same fans that called Britney crazy throughout 2007 and praised the conservatorship in 2008. They always existed.

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Wait a minute... Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, and even Madonna at 60+ go on a rant in social media all the time because of little things like an article or some award they didn't get... Minaj even completely lost it when her album wasn't #1 and yet Britney is the crazy one for complaining about paparazzi taking pictures that make her look bad.


You guys... sometimes I think the reason Britney is on a conservatorship is not because of her greedy family but because of some of her stupid fans. 


Kim Kardashian once cried on her tv show and her sisters had to do an intervention because she couldn't stop obsessing about paparazzi pictures of her at the beach looking like she had a little extra pounds than usual. She now pays a surrogate mother to have her kids so she doesn't have to deal with all that stress again... Tyra Banks also had some harsh words to talk about in live tv of paparazzi pictures of her looking a little off fit.


I think Britney was very okay with her complaints. She didn't freak out or posted multiple times about it, like usually happens in these cases, and if she's crazy and unstable because of it then I'm sorry but half of the word is and needs to be on a conservatorship and I don't think there's even enough judges to handle so many conservatorships.

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This is exactly the type of post I knew some "fans" would post. Are her posts amazing?! No, but she is allowed to be weird. I am weird, and some of my posts people might not like.  I knew as soon as she was given any freedom, that would allow her the freedom to act how she wants to, or be the artist she wanted to, fans would drop. 

I am perfectly happy to have a real Britney, who she is no matter how weird. Home girl was happy about her closet getting organized. Wouldn't you be if someone did it for you?! Its just an insta post! Good grief its not like she is falling apart and posting that aliens are in her brain! 

The end of the Black Mirror episode is the end of this movement, she will be free and allowed to be the artist she wants to be, and there are fans that only loved the image we were given, not the person. 


The point in the end is this girl deserves her freedom, push through the fact you dont like her posts...good grief!!! 


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