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I miss this britney,do you feel the same ?

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1 hour ago, rik said:

no i miss this britney


please don't post this ..it's a nightmare...this was a good commercial

 the difference between circusney commercial and femme fatale-ney commercial..only 2 years difference..also she doesn't blink in 2011 commercial...it's scary

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4 hours ago, mfanbs said:

:crying3:i do believe that everythings happens for a reason

maybe god or someone with greater power knows what he's doing 

No it’s true, you do have to go through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. I think it adds another layer to her legacy. I have a feeling she’s gonna be the 21st century Marilyn Monroe, both have similar struggles in the entertainment industry but I’m glad Britney was able to fulfill her desire to have children that Marilyn couldn’t, maybe that’s what saved her otherwise...who knows she probably would end up like Marilyn especially when you tell a homeless man that he has a better life than her.

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