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Ranking Albums without Singles

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I’m just going to list my favorite and least favorite cuz nobody cares about the filler in between. 

#1 Femme Fatale (come at me, but there is not one song on that album that couldn’t have been a single.)

#9 BJ because she wasn’t even on the album & Will.i.cant really dropped the ball from start to finish. 

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Glory (still #1)
Make Me & Slumber Party are (listenable) fillers to me so..

Blackout (still #2)
Without three of my top 5 songs, the album is still a gem.

Britney Jean (#6 with the singles)
Bye "Perfume", but I need "Work *****".

Femme Fatale (#4 with the singles)
"Hold it Against Me", you will be missed. Also "TTWE" but only because of the (Nicki Minaj) Remix.

Circus (#5 with the singles) 
"Womanizer" & "Radar" can go away, but not "Circus" & "F.U.C.K. Me"

...Baby (#8 with the singles)
"Baby" & "Crazy" (the remix) are the songs that complete the album.

Oops! (#7 with the singles)
Same as ...Baby, "Oops" & "Stronger" are the songs that complete the album.

Britney (#3 with the singles)
There's almost nothing to listen if you remove "Slave", "Overprotected", "I'm Not a Girl" & "Anticipating".
Only "I Run Away", "When I Found You", "Let Me Be" & "Lonely".

In the Zone (#9 with the singles)
Without "Everytime", I'd only listen to 2 songs : "Shadow" & "The Hook Up"

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