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Ranking Albums without Singles

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14 minutes ago, RealLarryRudolph said:

This thread is more confusing than law school :zoomzoom:

probably why you've failed as a manager :cackling: - clearly the question was about how would we rank the albums after removing the singles from them

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17 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:


Yup. Sure, In the Zone has Breathe on Me & Touch of My Hand which, imo, **** all over Blackout's non-single tracks - but overall Blackout's non single tracks >>> the rest of In the Zone

In the Zone



Femme Fatale

Britney Jean


...Baby One More Time

Oops!... I Did It Again




A @DayvinDazone list where BJ is not the last?! A Britney Jean without Work ***** is not the last?! :airpls:

Well here's my ranking:

  • Oops!... I Did It Again- I love the non singles from this album, What U See, Where Are You Now, Satisfaction, Girl In The Mirror, DGKOMD...
  • Femme FataleI mean, the album is generic and stuff, but it is filled with club bangers tho. Anything, and I apologise to a certain someone in advance, except Don't Keep Me Waiting were bops. HATLM, SIWAK, Trouble For Me, Selfish, Up n Down, Trip To Your Heart, Gasoline...
  • Blackout- Get Naked, Freakshow, Hot As Ice, Perfect Lover, Heaven On Earth, Ooh Ooh Baby
  • Glory- I mean Make Me and Slumber Party were high points but the album still remains solid with Invitation, DYWCO, MOTM, Mood Ring, Just Luv Me, Better, CYM...
  • In The Zone- MATM did not do much for the album so we can omit that already but Toxic, Everytime and Outrageous were gold but it still stands on the strength of BOM, TOMH, Boom Boom etc.
  • ...Baby One More Time- All the single choices were good but still there are tracks like I Will Be There, Autumn Goodbye, Deep In My Heart, I'll Never Stop Loving You, Email My Heart, Thinkin' About You etc which are excellent for their time.
  • Britney- I mean there's not much left in the album when you release 6 singles
  • Circus- Without Womanizer, Circus and If U Seek Amy, Circus loses half of its power. But still Unusual You, Out For Under, Lace And Leather, Phonography and some other tracks remain unbothered.
  • Britney Jean- A Britney Jean without Work ***** and Perfume? Thank U, Next
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1 minute ago, I Always Sing Live said:

the non-ballads on "Oops" are literally just "Oops" with different lyrics and melodies.. the structure, the production, the vocals, the formula - it's all the same.. so if we remove the singles, "Oops" still has like 5 different versions of the lead single on it anyway.. :tbh:


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Call me a fake fan but most of Britney's albums are crap. Rihanna's the same. I love pop music but there's a lot of forgettable albums out there (Circus).


1- ITZ - I've always said this is my favourite album and even without the singles, it's the best album of her career. Showdown, TOMH, BOM, Shadow, even BNG, which I know most people hate but it's a fun Saturday night kinda song.


2- Glory - We were all excited about this one. DYWCO, MOTM, WYN etc. It's such a mixture of sounds and emotions and feels a bit like ITZ .2


3- Britney - Granted, it's a cheesy album but Cinderella, LMB, BL, they're catchy as hell.


4- BJ -Purely because of TIG and BMS. They might not be the most personal songs ever (especially TIG) but they tell a story and I enjoy singing along to them. Even CWY is one of my faves from this album.


5- FF - The album's pretty forgettable for me but if I did listen to it, I'd probably enjoy it. Gasoline is the stand out track.


6- Oops - Purely because of WUSIWUG. I know we're supposed to be rating the overall album but other than the singles and this song, I don't really care for/remember the rest of it but this song is still better than all of BO, BOMT and Circus.


7-BO- I don't hate the album but I find it massively overrated. Freakshow is okay and I only know it because of the tours. The only song I care for is GN. It's catchy but the guy wailing in the background is a mood killer.


8-BOMT-Another forgettable album. The only song I can remember is SP and even that's kinda meh.


9-Circus - Without the singles, I wouldn't bother listening to it. I listened to it once and it was hard to stay focussed. It was just so boring.


So there's my opinions. I'm sure many of you will be like "wtf?!" but honestly, her albums aren't that good (5-9). Thank God the label chose the right songs to be singles. It's not just Britney. I listened to Rihanna's Unapologetic once and I was like "how did this reach #1"? Anti on the other hand, I hated at first but it's probably my favourite album of hers.


It's funny that so many of the singers I love, have basic albums. Kylie for example. Fever was huge but it's like "why"? Other than the singles, it's not very memorable or creative. Madonna's the same. I listened to MDNA and again, I was bored. I know you all probably think I have a short attention span but I just know what I like. Marina & the Diamonds - Froot - amazing album from start to finish. Katy Perry (basic I know) - Teenage Dream - incredible. Kacey Musgrave - Golden Hour - genuinely loved it the first time I heard it. Britney - ITZ (obvs).


I'm glad that big names like Ariana have so many hits but albums like Sweetener and TUN are majorly overrated. We all know she's gonna sell because her fanbase is so huge but they're nowhere near the level people hype them up to be. P!nk is another one. I love her but her last 2 albums have been so boring. I know you'll say "if you want classic P!nk, go listen to Get The Party Started" but it's just that every song sounds similar now and if you find 1 song dull, they're all gonna be dull.


In regards to Britney, I don't know if I'll ever get a perfect album from her. I suppose it would be ITZ and maybe Glory if it had a few more bangers on it. As long as she keeps putting out good singles though, I'll keep buying the albums (I'm a hypocrite I know).


I'll probably get judged for only listening to some of the album's once but quite honestly, once was enough.

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2 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

Also, flawless & timeless classics Rock Boy, Rock Me In, Amnesia, Quicksand and Mannequin are enough to shoot Circus to #1. In fact, I was considering it as the contender for rank #3

Rock Boy? One of my least favourite Britney songs ever :puke:Rock Me In sounds like Brave New Girl remastered (No, not a compliment) :awks: As of Amnesia, it's a good song but is just a toned down version of  If U Seek Amy :begone: Quicksad, okay song but the part after the chorus is weird, too much Gaga-ey :4music:Mannequin is just weird :madonna:

2 hours ago, DayvinDazone said:

EDIT: I will never get the love for Oops! - I mean is it the nostalgia or...??? Like, yeah, the singles ARE absolutely flaw-free, but the non single tracks sound boring and dated to me. One of the biggest mysteries of my life. Even BOMT sounds more current in comparison.

Nostalgia? I was not even a sperm cell back then :awks: So nostalgia factor is off the table for any Britney song for me actually. Like @I Always Sing Live said, even if you remove the singles, you can still find a remixed version of Oops or Stronger in there somewhere. The singles do the least work in that album. And then there are beautiful songs like Where Are You Now, Girl In The Mirror, Dear Diary etc. Also, you get absolute bops like What U See and DGKOMD.

Are they dated? Yes. But find me any song from 2000 that isn't dated now :yeahhh:

What I was surprised was you not ranking Britney Jean last even when it doesn't have Work *****. I know you hate Perfume but Work *****! :huh:

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I think for the most part my ranking would be the same even with the singles included.

1. Blackout

2. Glory

3. Britney

4. Femme Fatale

5. In the Zone

6. Circus

7. Oops I Did It Again

8. Britney Jean

9. Baby One More Time

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12 minutes ago, DayvinDazone said:

Yeah but isn't that kinda like listening to a Cascada album where you get the four singles that are awesome and then the rest of the album which sounds like the singles but are worse and so you just end up listening to the singles anyway?

All for You by queen Janet says hi :jj:

I know I know but LISTEN!!!

Work ***** is a Myah Marie demo I can live without! Sure, it's an iconic bop when you're in the gym or the crowd at Piece of Me but the album has a lot more to offer imo and I can't believe I'm saying that even though I shade that abomination any chance I get! I think it's the 3 really strong songs sung by Britney that are on the record, while the remainder is TRASH.

First of all, Cascada? :idkha: Bottom line, Oops non-singles remain unbothered.

And not you complimenting BJ and me trashing it :omg:

 "The Album has a lot more to offer" -Dayvindazone, 2019

I will forever remember this moment :airpls: And by "3 really strong songs" you mean Perfume, Don't Cry and Hold On Tight? But Perfume is not included in this game. Plus, I know you love Alien but Alien has Myah in it jj3.png

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Anyone not placing Britney inside their Top 3 should get reported and permanently banned, tbh. 

Cinderella, Bombastic Love, Before The Goodbye, Lonely, I Run Away say hi (+ Overprotected technically wasn't released as a single in Germany xD) 

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