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Contestant sing "Work *****" at The Voice of Italy 2019

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2 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

such a weird song choice, you'd think on a show like this you'd go for a song that's more vocally demanding.. :girlwhat:

What do you mean? The "Aahaa" in between the EDM chorus is more vocally demanding than any Christians Aguliera song :mcorangu:


That's the only part in which Myah sings in the song, all the others are spoken lyrics :gloria:


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7 minutes ago, asitalian12587 said:

appreciate the song choice :) but whenever someone covers that song, i just feel like its a weird vibe. it's such a BRITNEY song that anyone else doing it just comes off wrong (at least to me).

It only works with myah:jj:

Jk. Loved her version!

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