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B-Sides: Britney Is Not That Innocent On Prince-Sampled Song, “Guilty”

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Hey fam, so get this. I hadn't heard this version of "Guilty" for some reason up until about a few weeks ago. It randomly came up on my YouTube and I was literally like :sobbing:. I had only heard that terrible remix of it before, so I was suuuuper happy and knew I had to write about it. 

It's am RX story so you'll have to be a subscriber, and if you aren't give the 7-day free trial a chance. We have a bunch of stories coming out that include more about Brit Brit. While everything is so crazy surrounding her personal life at the moment, it's really refreshing to think about her music for a change. Hope you enjoy:



In BreatheHeavy’s RX series, “B-Sides,” we take a closer look at some precious unreleased material from the princess of pop. A version of this b-side hit the Internet during the In The Zone era as a frenetic, unnerving remix crafted by Quentin Harris for DJ sets, but (what we believe is) the original popped up a decade later, and it’s extremely special.

Britney recorded a treasure trove of gems for In The Zone, an album jam-packed with ***-laced bangers, but there are a couple of offerings that shed light on Britney in a way that most of her discography hadn’t done yet. She had a story to tell, but the pages of that book were tossed to the bin and replaced with tracks about self-sensuality, feeling hungover and hooking up. In The Zone‘s most vulnerable release is “Everytime,” a haunting piano ballad about the fallout surrounding her fizzled relationship with Justin Timberlake. The iconic number resonates with far more people than “Guilty” would have. If “Everytime” is her sorry, then “Guilty” is her “go f–k yourself.”

Brit trades sincerity for anger, sinking her teeth into a guy we presume is Timberlake, boasting about her sexcapade with another man while in a relationship, and quite frankly she’s not sorry about it. If you view this track through the lens of her imploding relationship with JT, you’ll find an unapologetic pop star scorned. Hey, she warned him.




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As an ex Prince fan, I nearly died when I discovered this song on Prince.org years ago. It's just so damn good :yesplease: of course that website is an evil place from the hellmouth itself and all they've ever done is bash Britney :jj: 


Come to think of it my username is actually from a thread from I believe 2004 where Britney somehow got mixed up in the discussion and was of course instantly dragged. I should probably change it but I'm a flop fan :unbothered:


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