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Britney claims in old letter she was silenced & threatened by team

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tbh I am just so soooo tired of waiting for the c-ship to end... it makes me sad that we can’t do anything about it. Anyways I’m sure Britney would appreciate our love if she saw everyone supports the #freebritney movement. Even after she said everything is well, I think there are still some things going wrong and it’s also obvious she isn’t 100% fine.


I MISS BRIT SO MUCH :meltdown:    


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I know the most important thing for a mother is her kids... but cmon brit! You don’t have to let this happen to you... it’s nasty and disgusting, you should be brave and fight for your rights and the true... you can permit this situation control all your life and the relation with your fans, the gp, co workers, even the relation with your Children’s, it is a bad example for your children’s... they can’t take away your kids you haven’t done anything wrong or illegal... they should be scared, not you 

sorry not sorry, I don’t think being quiet and hiding is a good idea :tiffanynod:


also, please put this in the free Britney topic... we can’t let the topic die

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7 minutes ago, Kalison Kimanda said:

So her team can put her on even further lock down? No ma’am

She’s been on lock down for almost 10 years... she’s almost 40...her kids are almost grown as in almost 18 ..

maybe she is actually context with all her restrictions or not idk ..none of us really do Bc honestly we know nothing of what britney wants or her actual medical conditions.. she actually may need a c ship. Or not ...We don’t know Bc we’re not her doctors etc this all speculation  .....but if she feels she needs out for whatever reasons... she can try n say something she can try. So many celebs come forward with their feelings. there’s a court hearing in September and she’ll get a chance to say her peace. But if shes not gonna fight a bit then and be complacent then it is what it is.

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1 hour ago, AliciaBitch said:

Guys look what I found by following Free Britney hashtag on Instagram :


It all match each other and I am 100%sure letter is correct and real. I feel more and more heartbroken for Britney. 

Still, literally EVERYBODY said the dude was trash way back in 2004; if you look at all the archived general celeb forums etc...

Plus Timberlake did the same type of nonsense to her before KEvin, using her for a potential solo career.

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4 hours ago, MoonLight28 said:

is he asking people to go to his site to read his opinion? or asking them to pay money for that content? oh, i though we were talking about jordan :yesokay:


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4 hours ago, Crayboy said:

I’m pretty sure Lilith and Cheri have been banned if you are referring to them. No one is coming. :/ 


This is What I think, Britney was largely to blame for losing custody of her sons. Mental health, constant media spruting likely made things 100x worse. 

I do think that Britney definitley might have been threatened via her kids at one point. If I am not mistaken there was that ambulanse phone call (was it real or fake?) 

and especially looking at her career as early as 2011 she clearly didn’t want to do that project. Via the control they have, they have managed to make her a puppet.

but my question is, it has been 11 years, surely that same threat about taking her kids couldn’t have worked? Or maybe it is because it worked that it took her this long to fight.

I hope she hears some good news in september. If this is true, her first course of action would probably be to fire a **** ton of people. Lets hope she comes out on it on the other side 

I guess what started the process of her loosing custody of her kids started with the partying with Paris in the fall of 2006, which I actually didn't even remember; I wasn't paying attention to her at that specific time.

But what accelerated things was post-VMA in 2007.

What I do remember was late 2007/early 2008.  Britney Paris Hilton (with jail) Lindsay Nicole Richie and Anna Nicole Smith were basically taking turns in the negative spotlight throughout 2007.

"With Lindsay in rehab, Paris lying low and Nicole recovering from her 82-minute stint in jail, the media scrutiny is even more intense for Spears.

Then she’s got all that mama drama, baby daddy drama and the girl can’t seem to grasp the fact that undies definitely need to be worn under micro minis."


That VMA but her back in a negative spotlight.  Yeah, she was being stalked the whole year, especially with the shaved head, but she wasn't the only one getting that negativity. 

It was that VMA that brought back more scrutiny.

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1 hour ago, zxcvb said:

Still, literally EVERYBODY said the dude was trash way back in 2004; if you look at all the archived general celeb forums etc...

Plus Timberlake did the same type of nonsense to her before KEvin, using her for a potential solo career.

what you said is so true .Justin would be a nobody without Britney, just another boy band singer that didn't have success in his solo album

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I never understood the outrage and people saying she has a mental distorder because she locked herself and her kids in the bathroom. Im sure she was afraid she wasnt going to see them again and like any mother would she was trying to find a way to protect them and keep them with her. Is it a little crazy for todays society? yes but not a mental disorder. What would you do if a bunch of people were threatening to take away your children if you didnt do everything that they said?

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8 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

the whole letter seems very "point finger at everyone who is to blame, i did nothing wrong" and Britney has never come across that way to me. I pointed those things out because those had a lot to do with her image at the time and that was all her.

yeah it seems weird that she would mention drugs in the letter but now deny being on drugs despite getting negative tests. It makes the whole thing seem super fishy to me.  She was definitley the one to blame when it comes to loosing custody and she knows it. She isnt stupid.

She was abusing adderall, which is a prescription drug, which was excluded from this test as stated. 

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